Media coverage on the French speaking market

Grant Title:
Media coverage on French speaking countries

Cryptoast team
Contact : Lucas Metz – head of partnerships –

About You:
Cryptoast is the leading crypto media on the French speaking market : France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, West and North Africa, Canada. Our media gathers 8 million users every year. The media is composed of :

  • News articles, guides and educational content on cryptoast. fr (2 million page views per month), 10 articles every day
  • Interviews, educational videos on our YouTube channel (300K viewers / month)
  • The leading crypto podcast in French language (1 million downloads in 2022)
  • The #1 weekly crypto newsletter in France, with 50.000 subscribers
  • Social media, with 350K followers globally
  • A weekly presence on French national television – BFM Crypto
  • A book published with Larrousse, the leading publishing house in Europe
  • A presence on all Bloomberg trading terminals worldwide

Grant Category:
11. Education
12. How-to-guides

Grant Description:
We propose a media coverage via an awareness campaign on Cryptoast ecosystem, based on the creation of educational content ; and visibility boosts. We have built two campaigns proposals in order to propose different budgets.

For the first campaign, our team will create 2 how to guides :

  • The first one will be an article : 2.000 words written by our journalists, with images, buttons and redirection. Our team has 5 years of experience in producing this kind of content.
  • The second one will be a tutorial video : 10 to 15 minutes dedicated to Cow protocol.
    The 2 contents will have a complete coverage on our ecosystem :
  • Publication on cryptoast. fr Home Page and news section, with lifetime presence
  • Publication on social media (Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Presence on Google News and Bloomberg trading terminals
  • Publication on YouTube for the video, with lifetime presence

In the 2nd campaign, we propose tools that will increase the visibility of these tutorials and maximize user acquisition :

  • A display campaign on cryptoast. fr : clickable banners that will be present on strategic articles to maximize redirections
  • Sponsoring of our weekly newsletter (50.000 subscribers) with the presence of your logo and an educational presentation
    These 2 visibility boosts are very effective to reach a larger audience.

For the third campaign, we propose 2 educational articles about a defined subject : protection from MEV, DEX aggregation… The articles will be written by our journalists and published on all Cryptoast ecosystem, as mentioned before. In each article, Cow Protocol will be presented and mentioned by redirection buttons.

You can find the 3 campaign proposals here :

Grant Goals and impact:
Creation of qualitative educational content and how-to guides : 2 tutorials + 2 articles
Increasing the Cow Protocol brand awareness by globally spreading these contents : 2 million users
Generating user acquisition via this educational content and visibility

Grant Timeline:
The article and video can be produced in 3 weeks.
The contents will be present online with no time limit.

Funding Request:
As mentioned before, we have 3 campaigns proposals - the costs are as following :

  • 11.500€ for the first campaign (video and article tutorial)
  • 19.500€ for the second campaign (video and article tutorial + visibility boosts)
  • 23.100€ for the third campaign (video and article tutorial + visibility boosts + 2 educational articles)

Budget Breakdown:

  • Writing of the articles
  • Production of the video
  • Publication on Cryptoast ecosystem
  • Creation of the banner
  • Writing of presentation for the newsletter

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):

Other Information:
Thank you for taking the time to read this application!

Lucas Metz and the Cryptoast team

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement 2 and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions 4.

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Hi @LucasCryptoast, welcome to the forum and thanks for the proposal.

I think it is important for CoW Swap to try to get to more audiences!
Having said that, the grants program is trying to focus on impact which is really hard to evaluate.
We have a dedicated volume-based rewards program which I think might fit here well.
This means you will share a referral link, and get compensated based on the aggregated volume your referral is generating.
Would love to specify further if that sounds interesting

Hi @middleway.eth,

Thank you for your feedback. We would love to begin working on this task.

We’re open to discuss this kind of partnership, referral is a model we use very often with our partners (we’re the n°1 affiliate partner on the french speaking market for the majority of the leading actors in the crypto industry). What would be the model here for Cow?

Based on your model, we would create the content and campaign and integrate our referral links within. However, on this type of campaign we need to have a fixed prior budget : as our journalists will create 4 dedicated contents, we have fixed costs on our end.

Maybe we could think about a hybrid model? We would decrease our fixed costs (10% to 33%, depending on the referral remuneration you propose) and the rest will be covered by referral.

Let me know what you think!

Hello again @middleway.eth,

In addition to my first answer, I also wanted to specify what we can expect of such a campaign.

Indeed, the impact of such campaigns can be hard to evaluate exactly. However, we have 5 years of experience in running this kind of partnerships, we can thus provide some data about these tools. Here are the results we usually have for the tools we propose :

  • Tutorial (how to guide article) : between 5.000 and 10.000 readers in the first 3 months, with 4% to 10% click rate. Over the long term, the article will have a very strong SEO positioning in French language, so the impact in brand awareness, reputation and acquisition has no time limit.

  • Video how to guide : between 5.000 et 20.000 views in the first 6 months. Same here, the video will be ranked with a strong positioning on YouTube and Google, so the impact will be strong over the long term.

  • Display campaign : we guarantee a minimum coverage of 166.000 unique visitors. That means that 166.000 crypto users will see your banners and potentially get redirected to the protocol.

  • Sponsoring of the newsletter : it is read by 50.000 people with 45% opening rate. It means 22.500 highly qualified readers will see a presentation of Cow Protocol + logo.

  • 2 educational articles : between 2.000 et 5.000 readers on the first 3 months. Very high SEO positioning on the long term.

I hope these numbers can help.
Have a great day.

I agree with @middleway.eth in that this sounds like something that would be better funded by referral volume. Impressions / views, while historical, and indicative if market conditions are the same as historically, don’t translate to volume / order flow.

In order to ensure appropriate incentive alignment a referrals scheme for this seems appropriate so that CoW DAO incurs costs for actual conversions.

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Hi @mfw78

Thank you for your reply. I understand the logic here. We’re open to discuss a referral partnership.
However, we won’t be able to launch the campaign without a fixed prior budget to cover the costs of our journalists (creation of the contents).

Maybe we could agree on a hybrid model?
50% of the budget is paid now, and the rest is covered by referral.


Hi @mfw78 and all,

I wanted to follow up after our conversation here.
We see a strong increase in educational content on Cryptoast this year.
We believe a structured campaign on our media will strongly increase the brand awareness and user base of Cow Protocol on the french speaking market. We would love to launch this.

Here is the document with our proposals : Dropbox - MEDIA COVERAGE AND EDUCATION CAMPAIGN ON CRYPTOAST .pdf - Simplify your life