Grant Application: CoW – Comprehensive User Education

Grant Title: CoW - Comprehensive User Education

Author: Vu Benson,

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Grant Category: CoWmunity growth

Grant Description:

This Grant Application (the “Grant”) seeks funding to facilitate comprehensive reporting, research, and analysis for CoW Protocol (“CoW”).

Revelo Intel’s established track record of delivering high-quality analytical work further bolsters the credibility and potential impact of this proposal. By fostering an educated user base, this project directly supports CoW’s mission, benefiting existing users and facilitating the seamless onboarding of new participants to the protocol.

The ultimate goal is to create an educational framework and contribute to the continuous growth and development of CoW.

The envisioned impact will be realized through several deliverables, including:

Comprehensive Overview: Revelo Intel will produce a consolidated and structured report of CoW. This overview will contain all essential information about CoW that DeFi users and investors require to make informed decisions. As part of this Grant, we will create one Comprehensive Report which will be continually updated for 1 year after the date of publication.

Sample Works

Here’s a Report created for GMX: https:// revelointel .com/project-breakdown/gmx/
Here’s a Report created for Dopex: https:// revelointel .com/project-breakdown/dopex/

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Financial Reporting: Revelo Intel will deliver transparent reports that highlight critical trends, metrics, and pertinent data points. These reports will also shed light on user activity within CoW. As part of this Grant, we will create 12x 30-day Performance Reports (1 year).

Sample Works

Here’s a Performance Report created for Pendle: https:// revelointel .com/snapshots/pendle-010723-to-310723/
Here’s a Performance Report created for AAVE: https:// revelointel .com/snapshots/aave-100623-to-090723/

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Event Coverage: Revelo Intel will actively cover all significant events, AMAs, interviews, etc., related to CoW. By providing in-depth coverage, the project will keep DeFi users and investors well-informed about the latest developments and opportunities within the protocol. As part of this Grant, we will create Contextualized Summaries of all significant events for 1 year.

Sample Works

Here’s a Contextualized Summary created for Stader: https:// revelointel .com/the-edge-podcast-staders-new-ethereum-lst-ethx/
Here’s a Contextualized Summary created for Radiant: https:// revelointel .com/radiant-radiant-capital-launches-on-ethereum/

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Detailed Guides: Revelo Intel will produce easy-to-understand guides, explaining each function of CoW. As well, we will illustrate how CoW might be effectively used in various scenarios. These guides will teach DeFi users and investors how and when to interact with CoW.

Sample Works

Here’s a Walkthrough created for Stargate: https:// revelointel .com/walkthroughs/stargate/
Here’s a Strategy Guide created for Lido: https:// revelointel .com/strategy-guides/lido

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Grant Goals and Impact:

Our educational initiative holds the potential to foster a more engaged, knowledgeable, and committed user base for CoW. By supporting our grant, CoW significantly contributes to its own continuous growth, ensuring its competitive edge amidst the dynamic and evolving DeFi landscape.

The impact of this initiative is far-reaching, benefiting existing users while facilitating the seamless onboarding of new participants. By providing users with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions, our work directly supports CoW’s objectives of driving mass adoption.

We firmly believe that through this educational effort, Revelo Intel can make a significant positive impact on CoW. By granting us the support we need to execute this initiative, CoW will take a significant step toward securing a more sustainable, educated, and vibrant protocol.


Milestone 1 | 4 Weeks | $5,500
Milestone 2 | Once Per Month for 1 Year | $6,000
Milestone 3 | 48 Hours Post Events | $2,500
Milestone 4 | 3 Weeks | $500
Milestone 5 | 3 Weeks | $500

Milestone 1

Comprehensive Report (Called a Breakdown)

A significant challenge within the fast-paced crypto industry is information fragmentation and inconsistent user education. Protocols are constantly growing and adapting, distributing updates through various platforms like Docs, Discord, Twitter, and Medium in different formats such as video, audio, and written content. This fast and widespread sharing of information makes it hard for users to keep track of all updates. The issue is amplified when users follow multiple protocols, each with its own unique way of communication.

Our Breakdowns are meticulously detailed, deep-dive reports that cover everything users and investors need to know about a protocol. This body of work informs and educates users and investors on what a protocol does, how it does it, and why they should care. Most importantly, it’s all in one place, uses consistent language, and follows a consistent structure. Our knowledgeable team of analysts brings vast expertise in DeFi mechanics to the table.

Our Breakdowns are not static, they are dynamic documents. As new information about protocols emerges, we promptly update them, ensuring they remain an up-to-date and reliable resource in the ever-changing crypto landscape. As part of this Grant, we will create one Comprehensive Report which will be continually updated for 1 year after the date of publication.

Milestone 2

Performance Reports (Called Snapshots)

Thorough evaluation of protocols involves assessing numerous crucial metrics, statistics, and events. Although these data points are individually significant, understanding them collectively provides a clearer picture. However, without the requisite expertise, it’s difficult to prioritize and analyze these as a comprehensive data set. Open reporting of a protocol’s performance not only demonstrates transparency and credibility but also indicates the protocol’s health and investment potential in the eyes of market participants.

Our Snapshots are comprehensive reports that encapsulate a protocol’s financial performance over 30 days. Crafted by our team of seasoned analysts - who bring vast experience from working with notable traditional finance institutions - these reports offer insight into the financial landscape of a protocol. Our Snapshots empower users to remain informed about a protocol’s financial intricacies, offering insights into both protocol-specific dynamics and broader subsector trends. Our analysts meticulously curate context, highlight critical data and generate deep insights from crucial numbers and metrics. As part of this Grant, we will create 12x 30-day Performance Reports (1 year).

Milestone 3

Contextualized Summaries (Called Notes)

The DeFi world is flooded with new information every day, coming from a variety of sources like podcasts, videos, AMAs, and events. It’s virtually impossible to consume, filter, and digest all this content, especially when it comes to identifying key takeaways. Despite best efforts to keep users updated about ecosystem and protocol changes, there’s no guarantee that users will attend all events, catch all updates, or watch all recordings if they miss them.

Our Notes are designed to solve this problem. Our team of crypto-native analysts meticulously consumes long-form audio and video content, including AMAs, town halls, and interviews. From this, they create detailed yet succinct summaries of the most crucial points, providing necessary context and enhancements to ensure users are presented with useful information. These Notes empower users to absorb more information within a shorter timeframe. As part of this Grant, we will create Contextualized Summaries for all significant events for 1 year.

Milestone 4


The adoption of crypto, particularly DeFi, faces challenges due to its relatively young and evolving nature. What might appear straightforward to experienced users is intricate and perplexing for newcomers. The cumbersome user experience, intricate user interface, and complex operational mechanisms hinder widespread acceptance and usage.

Our comprehensive Walkthroughs are crafted to address this challenge. These guides provide a seamless experience in navigating protocols, meticulously explaining each function and how to interact with them. With our Walkthroughs, interacting with protocols becomes a breeze, empowering users, new and old. As part of this Grant, we will create one Walkthrough which will be continually updated for 1 year after the date of publication.

Milestone 5

Strategy Guide

Understanding how to interact with protocols is crucial. However, equally important is knowing the optimal timing and appropriate scenarios for their utilization. Given the endless innovation and the number of protocols available, determining when and where to allocate liquidity can be far from straightforward. And, due to individual biases at any given time, there exists an infinite array of permutations for distributing limited liquidity across various protocols.

Our Strategy Guides provide an array of examples, illustrating how protocols might be effectively used in various scenarios, taking into account user bias at any given time. Through these Strategy Guides, users gain a deeper understanding of which protocols they might want to allocate liquidity and in which scenarios, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. As part of this Grant, we will create one Strategy Guide which will be continually updated for 1 year after the date of publication.

Funding Request:

We are requesting $15,000 USD for this work. As with all engagements with other protocols, we request that funds be provided at the forefront.

Budget Breakdown:

As our deliverables require significant manpower, the Grant will be used entirely to subsidize this manpower.

The Grant will be approximately allocated as follows:

  • Breakdown: 36.7% - $5,500
  • Snapshots: 40% - $6,000
  • Notes: 16.7% - $2,500
  • Walkthrough: 3.33% - $500
  • Strategy Guide: 3.33% - $500

The requested funding and the breakdown of the funding are derived from an in-depth understanding of the time, expertise, and team resources necessary to successfully complete the proposed deliverables. Each category, including Breakdowns, Snapshots, Notes, Walkthroughs, and Strategy Guides, requires a specific allocation of skilled analysts, researchers, and content creators. Additionally, the dynamic nature of the DeFi landscape necessitates continuous monitoring, updating, and communication to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the educational materials.

Our team’s extensive experience in providing similar services to the DeFi industry has enabled us to estimate the personnel and time investment required for each deliverable. This estimation takes into account the creation, review, refinement, and continuous updates of content over the 12-month period. By extrapolating the resources needed across all deliverables, we arrived at the requested funding value that would enable us to provide high-quality, consistent, and up-to-date educational content to the CoW community.

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant): 0x205049ec5f16d0d1824aa260dde647c8fcc18649

Other Information:

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the CoW Grant!

Here are a few final points to consider:

Proven Track Record: Revelo Intel has a successful history of providing educational content and analysis within the DeFi space. Our team’s extensive experience in producing similar educational resources for the crypto community demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality content that is both informative and engaging. Our past work showcases our commitment to accurate, transparent, and insightful reporting.

User Engagement and Feedback: We emphasize a user-centric approach in our educational content creation. Through our existing platforms and engagement with our community, we actively encourage feedback and suggestions. This iterative process allows us to refine our content based on user needs and preferences, ensuring that the educational resources we provide are valuable, relevant, and user-friendly.

Long-Term Commitment: The value we bring is not limited to the initial 12 months; our educational resources will continue to provide value to the CoW community well beyond the Grant’s conclusion. These bodies of work are perpetual assets to the CoW community.

Continuous Improvement: Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. We are actively exploring new ways to enhance our educational initiatives, such as interactive workshops, webinars, and user-friendly interfaces. Our aim is to evolve with the changing landscape and stay at the forefront of providing educational value to the community.

In conclusion, we believe that our project is not only well-equipped to deliver on its educational objectives but also to create a lasting impact on the CoW community. Our team’s expertise, commitment to long-term value, and track record of success position us as a reliable partner in driving the growth and success of CoW Protocol through education and insights. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued adoption of CoW.

By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions.