Grant application : CoW Protocol Alerts (Analytics)

Grant Title:

CoW Protocol Alerts (Analytics)



About You:

We are a group of developers who would like to build a social media alert bot that provides daily analytics on CoW Protocol. We have been granted by Velas Blockchain and Redlight Chain to deploy protocols on their ecosystem in the past, and won a recent hackathon in Paris.

Tech Stack:
Backend: Python
Frontend: Vue JS\Typescript

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Grant Category:

CoWmunity growth

Grant Description:

Our objective is to design and implement a dynamic Twitter bot that delivers real-time alerts and notifications for new reward opportunities, key batch auctions, $COW price and volume updates, major settlements, interesting transactions and other essential events within the CoW ecosystem.

Grant Goals and impact:

The main goal of this grant is keeping users informed and engaged about CoW data, our bot aims to empower individuals and foster active participation within the DeFi community.


Milestone Due (Date) Payment

To pay for servers and developers upfront, we are requesting 2500 xDAI once the grant is approved. We are confortable with doxxing to contributors.

Milestone 1

First version of the bot is live for the community and contributors to give feedbacks and to test the product. The beta will be available within a few weeks, and the paiement will be half of the grant funding remaining (3250 xDAI).

Milestone 2

With the feedbacks from the CoW community and contributors, we will develop and publish a final product on the official twitter account @CoWAlerts. All bugs will be fixed and we are committed to adding features as CoW grows. The final version will be live within a month, and the paiement will be half of the grant funding remaining (3250 xDAI).

Funding Request:

For developing and publishing a bot covering CoW analytics, our group of 5 developers will work on the project. To pay developers during this time and mostly to keep the bot active for years after project completion, we would like to request 9000 xDAI with a 2500 xDAI upfront.

Budget Breakdown:

Bot development : 9000 xDAI

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):



Proposal was sent and approved by Felix Leupold

  • how long do you anticipate to complete milestone 1?
  • how would you identify what a ‘key’ batch auction is? Or what a ‘major’ settlement is?
  • what is your plan for data management?

Hi 0xEvan, nice to meet you!

  • To complete milestone 1, we plan on using this forum to get the DAO as involved as possible. If the grant is approved, we will reach out for data suggestions (we already have our list but any community suggestion is welcomed). Once the first version is done, we will publish the beta on a demo twitter account and the community and contributors will be able to give feedbacks on a topic.
  • We would program our bot to identify significant trade volume, more market participants, general market impact, greater market prices in order to display this data.
  • Data collection will depend on our final list of analytics but we will be using Moralis for price, tx and ownership.

I support this proposal. Keeping users informed and fostering active participation are crucial for the growth of the ecosystem. I would like to know if the bot can handle the surges in traffic from many users simultaneously drawing on so many data sources? It is important that data is accurate in real-time.

Agreed and great question! This is why we will focus on key data and can’t add too many external sources, to make it as relevant and efficient as possible. This is also why we want to do a testing session on a beta account first, so the community can test the bot itself and we can adjust the speed and data anytime during deployment.

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I like the idea and support it! I would like to suggest reporting high value batch auctions with high Coincidence of Wants % as well (maybe as part of the key batch auctions), it’s an interesting (and important) metric to track. If the grant goes through, happy to help you implement this through CowTools’ api (

I think that the idea to make interesting statistics about CoW Protocol more accessible by developing a twitter bot is interesting.
I also think such a proposal requires much more detail about the specific data sources, how the data is going to be precessed and presented as a tweet.
Also, how the tech stack is going to look like, what license the code will be published under, and who will run it?
This will allow for better evaluation of the task, the required resources, and benefits for the CoW community.


Hi @middleway.eth, thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the delay here.

  • Data sources: either directly on the blockchain or using the-graph, but basically aggregating several sources to diversify the different info.
  • Processing and presentation: since it’s a bot, it’ll be pre-formatted tweets sent at regular intervals, so we can just send the script we have.
  • About the tech stack, it depends on whether you want to run it or not. The idea is to retain ownership of the software. The code won’t be open source anyway. To come back to the run, you’ll have to say so now if you want to run it. I believe that if I run it myself, updates will be continuous, for example a system in the future of tweet confirmation, where you can see the tweets before they are published (~15mins)