Grant Application: Cowbot

Grant Application: Cowbot

Grant Title:

Cowbot twitter bot


Twitter: @YellowCurtain3

About You:

I’m an experienced developer.
I worked on several cowswap related projects, such as cowfeeder, cowbot and currently working on cowswap aztec bridge.

Additional Links:

Cowbot (

Grant Category:

CoWmunity growth

Grant Description:

  • Develop script to detect COW in the transaction
  • Creat account and maintain the twitter bot

Funding Request:

Funding request summery: 1k xDAI

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):




Terms and conditions:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.

Hey @yellowcurtain
Thanks for writing down the proposal!

I have few followup questions:

  • What is the difference of your proposed bot to the existing twitter cowbot?
  • Would you be interested to broaden the proposal scope and work on additional infrastructure required for better identifying CoWs?
  • There is some initial context available here

Yes!!! I fully support this!

For the first question @middleway.eth, they are the same bot. The idea is that now CoW DAO will be the owner of the repository if the proposal as approved, and that @yellowcurtain would get compensated for the work done retrospectively.

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Got it.
I see value either way
I would def prefer it to include a better implementation for detecting CoWs, and serving this as an API.
This will allow us much much more cool use cases on top of a twitter bot

That I also agree, and will let @yellowcurtain answer :slight_smile:

@middleway.eth @Master_CoW
Would love to do a better implementation for detecting CoWs and serving this as an API.
I prefer to set up another grant application for that purpose(after we discuss the details).
For this application, it would be nice if we can keep it as it is.

I support this proposal. Looks like an excellent way to grow cowmunity engagement.

Okay separating the two makes sense.
Just to be clear, for this specific proposal, is it a retroactive funding request for the existing cowbot that you’ve created in the past?
I think retroactive funding is great and I support it when it makes sense.
I do think it is important to clarify what work has already been done and whether there is any additional deliverables for this grant proposal.

Def looking forward to your application for creating a CoW detection API - DM me if you need more details

Just to be clear, for this specific proposal, is it a retroactive funding request for the existing cowbot that you’ve created in the past?

Yes, this is for existing cowbot.

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Thanks for clarifying.
I’m in favor of rewarding this contribution

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Hi @yellowcurtain,
Sorry that it’s taken so long to get back to you. We recently introduced a new snapshot process that further promotes transparency for the grants committee.

If you can please kindly transpose this grant application to the snapspace at Snapshot for the Grant Committee’s voting process and we’ll go about moving this along.



Got it, I’ve transposed it to Snapshot.

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