Grant Proposal: CoWs (Coincidences of Wants) Analytics Dashboard

CowDAO Grant Application: CoWs Analytics Dashboard

Grant Title:
CoWs (Coincidences of Wants) Detection and Analytics Dashboard

Aziz Aiden (gh: 0xaiden / tw: aiden0x4)
Lokp Ray (gh: raymond2338 / tw: lokpray)

About You:
Aiden (aiden0x4):

  • Ventures Engineer at IEX Exchange and Member at HydraVentures
  • Prev: Technical BD at Near; Data Engineer @ The Block; Technical contributor at IndexCoop

Lokp (lokpray):

  • Research developer @ NEAR + Ref Finance
  • Prev: Research @ Nethermind
  • Course Staff for DeFi course at UC Berkeley

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Grant Description:
We would like to develop an advanced CoW (Coincidence of Wants) dashboard to provide a more accurate measure of CoWs. The dashboard will serve as a tool for protocol users to visualize the CoWs that are happening on-chain in real-time. It will provide users with an overview of the latest batch auctions, the assets involved, and the prices at which they were traded. Additionally, the dashboard will display the Coincidence of Wants that occurred in each batch. Some of the metrics that we could display to analyze CoWs include (but are not limited to): CoW Occurrence Rate, CoW Volume Share, Popular Token Pairs in CoWs, …)

Grant Goals and impact:
The end goal is to increase CoWs in batch auctions and improve our understanding of them. This will be achieved by developing a tool that can accurately detect CoWs, provide detailed analysis of their impact, and generate insights that can be used to capitalize on them. The tool will be useful for both novice and experienced cowswap users and investors, and will support us and the community in developing and researching new ideas to capitalize on CoWs, which could potentially lead to increased liquidity and reduced costs for traders.


  1. Research and develop algorithms to detect and extracts CoWs in Batch Auctions (1 - 2 weeks).
  2. Test the algorithms on historical data and fine-tune them for accuracy (0 - 1 week)
  3. Develop the CoW Analytics dashboard and add the visualizations (1 week)
  4. Testing, bug fixing, and deployment (1 week)

Grant Timeline:
We expect the grant to be completed within one month

Funding Request:
We ask for $15,000 to fund this grant proposal.

Budget Breakdown:
The funds will go towards labor cost. (We ask for 50% upfront payment, 50% on delivery)

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Terms and conditions:
By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.