Grant Application: Development and Implementation of new features for Cowswap Explorer

Grant Title:
Improvement and Enhancement of the Cowswap Explorer

Aziz Aiden (github: 0xaaiden / twitter: aiden0x4 )

About You:
Aiden (@aiden0x4):

  • Open source contributor in the web3 space since 2018
  • Previously worked at Near Protocol and The Block on the data engineering / research side
  • Currently building web3 public goods at 1

Grant Category:
Explorer Development

Grant Description:
Based on discussions with the CoWs community and team, we realized that the proposed changes in our initial proposal could be better served by focusing on the CoWs Explorer. Therefore, we revised our plan to focus on developing and enhancing the Explorer.

Proposed Changes:

  1. Recent Batches Component: We will develop a dedicated section on the main page of the CoW Explorer that will present the most recent batches. This feature will enable users to easily track the latest batch activities.

  2. Solver Competition Tab: We will create a new tab on the order page exclusively for solver competitions. This tab will prominently display execution auction orders and proposed solutions, thus providing complete insight into the competition dynamics.

Proposed Collaboration Method:

We will be using GitHub pull requests (PRs) for effective coordination on this project. The incomplete PR from cowprotocol/explorer/issues#94 will be our primary resource to build upon the ongoing Solver Competition page

Grant Goals and Impact:
The main goal of these changes is to improve the functionality and user experience of the CoWs Explorer. Through these enhancements, it is our aim to enable users to easily stay updated on the latest batch activities and gain a deep insight into solver competitions.


Milestone Duration Payment
Milestone 1: Development of Recent Batches Component and Solver Competition Tab 1.5 weeks 50%
Milestone 2: Testing & Deployment 1 week 50%

Funding Request:

We are requesting funding of $3,000 for successful completion and deployment of the enhancements to the CoWs Explorer. The funds will cover labor costs and related development expenses.

Budget Breakdown:

We request a 50% upfront payment to initiate the project, with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion and after successful testing and deployment of the features.

Other Information:

You can refer to our previous proposal at

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Terms and Conditions:

We agree to abide by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions while undertaking this grant project.


This is an interesting proposal. Enhancing functionality and improving user experience of the CoW Explorer has my support.


Likewise. I think for this we could potentially move towards a vote if you’d like to put it up on snapshot?


Awesome, I’ve just posted the proposal on snapshot for the committee to vote on!


FYI, this funded in accordance with:


After discussing with the grant author, we’ve agreed to mark this grant as unfinished.
The grant committee can decide to accept other applications for completing this grant work or, alternatively cancel the grant funding.


I propose we cancel the funding in 30 days if we do not receive any proposals to complete this grant.


Due to external circumstances, I won’t be able to finish the grant as communicated to @middleway.eth . However, I encourage devs reading this to apply to continue this grant. Most of the foundational work has been done and what’s left is a matter of addressing some formatting / optimization issues.
These are 2 PRs adding both functionalities described in this grant