Grant Application: Interactive Learning Campaign: Explainer Videos on CoW Protocol

Grant Title

Interactive Learning Campaign: Explainer Videos on CoW Protocol. An animated, simple and interesting to learn and use


Diego Mares and Pilar Solis &

About You:

Our incredible team is composed of:

  1. Diego: Founder and CEO @Cryptoversidad.
  2. Ben: Co-founder and adviser.
  3. Pilar: Head of Research. In charge of all the research & writing of our amazing content!
  4. Dani: Audiovisual Producer. The hand behind our amazing animations.
  5. Yami: Animation and design. The hand behind our amazing graphics.
  6. Robert: Operations Assistant. Helps identify and solve all types of problems.
  7. Juan Parra: Marketing Lead. Helps us share our work with the world.

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Grant Category:

  • CoWmunity growth :white_check_mark:
  • User interface and user experience (UI/UX)
  • Decentralization
  • Development of new Solvers
  • Developer tools (SDK)
  • Integrations and protocol order flow
  • Other miscellaneous areas

Grant Description:

Our proposal consists of creating 5 animated videos that aim to explain CoW protocol in a simple, easy and attractive way its main features and advantages. These videos will use Cow’s image and will be offered to be added to the official documentation.

The vision is clear: we want these videos to seamlessly integrate into the user experience, whether as an educational tool within the documentation or as valuable content shared on CoW Protocol’s social media. We believe that the clarity and attractiveness of these videos can be a valuable addition to CoW’s communication with its community.

Furthermore, to maximize the impact of this initiative, we have decided to allocate a portion of the budget to a marketing strategy. We are committed to promoting these videos not only through CoW Protocol’s social media but also through Cryptoversidad, a growing platform with promising viewership metrics.

(Last month’s X metrics)

Video 1: Introducing CoW Protocol

Description: In this video, we will provide an in-depth introduction to CoW Protocol. You will learn about the core concepts, the protocol’s objectives, and how it fits into the world of decentralized finance. We’ll explain its innovative features and why it’s a game-changer in the blockchain space.

Video 2: What is CoW? CoW vs MEV

Description: This video will delve into the Coincidence of Wants (CoW) concept, which is central to CoW Protocol. We’ll talk about CoW and discuss how CoW offers protection against MEV-related issues. By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear understanding of why CoW is a superior approach.

Video 3: How Batch Auctions Work in CoW Protocol: Fair and Efficient Trade Settlement

Description: This video will break down the mechanics of batch auctions within CoW Protocol. We’ll explore how solvers compete to provide optimal settlement solutions, ensuring fair and efficient trade settlements. Viewers will gain insights into how batch auctions differ from traditional trading mechanisms and the benefits they offer.

Video 4: What Can You Do on CoW? The Boundaries of Permissionless Trading

Description: In this video, we will discuss the practical applications of CoW Protocol. You’ll learn what you can do as a trader or developer on the platform. We’ll also address the boundaries and limitations of permissionless trading, helping users understand how to make the most of this innovative protocol.

Video 5: The Journey to Full Decentralization with CoW Protocol

Description: In this concluding video of the series, we will delve into the intricate journey towards achieving full decentralization within CoW Protocol. We will discuss the paramount significance of open finance and the steps CoW Protocol is taking to realize complete decentralization in the coming phases. Viewers will gain a deep understanding of the protocol’s long-term vision and how they can actively participate in this evolutionary process

These videos will provide a comprehensive overview of CoW Protocol, from its core concepts to its practical applications and the path toward greater decentralization. They will be valuable for both newcomers and experienced users interested in the protocol’s innovations in the world of decentralized finance.

Grant Goals and Impact:

Our main goal is for CoW to increase its target audience, for which we want to provide the best resources to capture at least 5000 views on each video in the first month of launch. We believe that the CoW audience is composed of:

Decentralized Traders: We aim to equip individuals seeking decentralized trading with comprehensive knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions. By elucidating the innovative features of the CoW Protocol, we aspire to empower decentralized traders to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence and efficacy.

Liquidity Providers: For those interested in contributing liquidity to the market, our goal is to highlight the benefits of the CoW Protocol, fostering an environment where liquidity providers can make informed decisions about their participation.

Developers: The CoW Protocol is presented as a canvas for innovation. Our objective is to engage developers by providing the insights and knowledge necessary for informed decision-making when building on the protocol.

Investors: Individuals or entities considering investment opportunities within the protocol are a central focus. By emphasizing the unique features and roadmap of CoW, our goal is to ensure that investors make well-informed decisions.

DeFi Community Explorers: For enthusiasts exploring new technologies in the decentralized finance space, our grant aims to position the CoW Protocol as a beacon of informed decision-making.

In essence, this grant not only seeks to fortify informed decision-making across the DeFi landscape but also guarantees significant outreach of at least 5,000 views for each video on social media during the crucial first month of release.


Please identify the key milestones that will help track the progress of your grant. Use the provided table as a summary and expand on each milestone description and deliverables below.

Milestones Due Date Payment
Development 1/01/2023 2600 xDAI
Animation 29/01/2023 2600 xDAI
Promotion 15/02/2023 800 xDAI

Milestone 1: “Script Development”

In this phase, the focus is on scripting. Here’s a more detailed description of Milestone 1:


  1. Script Development: The primary task for Milestone 1 is the development of scripts. These scripts could refer to the scripts that will be used for videos, or any other form of written content required for the project.
  2. Content Review: Once the scripts are developed, they should undergo a review process. This might involve quality checks, proofreading, or peer review to ensure the content is accurate, coherent, and aligned with the project’s objectives.
  3. Revision and Finalization: Based on feedback from the review process, necessary revisions should be made to the scripts. The final versions of the scripts should be prepared and approved.

Deliverables: 5 scripts.

Milestone 2 “Animation design, voices and production”

Milestone 2 represents the second phase of the project or grant, which involves animation. Here’s a more detailed description of Milestone 2:


  1. Animation Production: The primary task for Milestone 2 is the production of animations. This could involve creating visual elements, special effects, or any form of moving images required for the project.
  2. Integration with Scripts and Narrative Stage: In this phase, the scripts developed in Milestone 1 will be merged with the created animations. This integration ensures that the project is cohesive and aligns with the initial plan. Additionally, the narrative stage will be conducted, where the script and voice-over necessary to complement the animations and effectively tell the story will be developed.
  3. Quality Control: A quality control process should be implemented to ensure that the animations meet the project’s standards in terms of visual appeal, accuracy, and coherence.
  4. Finalization and Approval: Once the animations are complete and integrated with the scripts, they should undergo a final review and approval process to ensure they align with the project’s objectives.

Deliverables: 5 animated videos explaining CoW protocol

Milestone 3: “Social Media Promotion and Interactive Marketing Campaign”

Milestone 3 represents the third phase of the project, transitioning from the creative production of animations to the strategic promotion and engagement with the audience. This campaign will be run through the official Cryptoversidad twitter, but the resources are open to anyone. Here’s an in-depth description of Milestone 3:


  1. Development of Social Media Strategy:
  • Formulate a comprehensive strategy for promoting project resources on various social media platforms. Identify key channels and define a posting schedule for maximum visibility.
  1. Interactive Marketing Campaign:
  • Launch an interactive marketing campaign featuring quizzes related to CoW Protocol. The quizzes will serve as both educational tools and engagement boosters, covering topics addressed in the videos.
  1. Prizes and Recognition:
  • Establish attractive prizes to incentivize participation in the marketing campaign. Prizes could include CoW tokens, exclusive access to additional resources, or special recognition within the community.
  1. Feedback Surveys:
  • Conduct surveys on social media platforms to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign. Questions should assess the audience’s perception of the content, their level of understanding, and suggestions for improvements.
  1. Analysis of Participation Metrics:
  • Utilize analytical tools to monitor and analyze participation metrics throughout the campaign. Evaluate the number of participants, time spent interacting, and other key indicators.


3 infographics 3 shorts 10 tweets 3 campaigns with tasks and prizes a detailed report of all metrics

This milestone focuses on implementing a robust strategy for promoting project resources on social media, coupled with an engaging marketing campaign. The collection of data and feedback will contribute to assessing the effectiveness of the activities and refining future strategies accordingly.

Funding Request:

Total budget: 6000 xDAI

Budget Breakdown:

  1. Content Development: 30% - This covers the research, planning, and scripting for each video in the series, forming the educational foundation of our project.
  2. Design and Translation: 20% - This budget will be used for designing visual elements for the videos and translating content to make it accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Animation and Video Production: 30% - This portion of the budget is allocated for creating high-quality animations and recording voiceovers for each video, a resource-intensive but crucial part of the project.
  4. Project Management: 10% - This covers the costs associated with coordinating the project, including scheduling, communication, and ensuring timely progress.
  5. Social Media Promotion and Interactive Campaign: 10% - A portion of the budget will be dedicated to promoting the animated videos on various social media platforms. This includes targeted advertising, boosted posts, and other promotional activities to maximize reach and engagement.

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Other Information:

We have done similar work with Optimism: Intro to Optimism Video Series



Terms and Conditions:

Include the following line in your grant application:

By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the

CoW DAO Participation Agreement

CoW Grant Terms and Conditions

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Hi Pilar,
This proposal looks very similar to your previous request made Oct 31. Both proposals do not address core questions or take into account suggestions for consideration. Based on the current proposal I am voting no.


I concur with @netrunner.eth 's overview. Suggestions / feedback are to be taken into account if this is to progress at all, but as it stands, I do not support this grant application due to outstanding issues raised in the previous grant application.

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