Grant Proposal - Core Contributor Copywriting

Grant Title: Core Contributor - Copywriter



About You:

I hereby apply for a grant to start working as a copywriter for CoW Protocol. I have been involved in Web3 since early 2020 and ever since continued to contribute to various DAOs (CoW Protocol and Cryptotesters) by creating content for example, articles and FAQs. I am an active member of CowDAO since November 2021 and have been on the GrantsDAO committee since mid-2022. I have supported CoW DAO by moderating the discord and promoting CoW protocol.

Grant Category:

Community growth

Grant Description:

I would like to contribute to the growth of CoW protocol by providing copywriting services to Cow Protocol for the initial trial period of November 22’ to January 23’. In my opinion, CoW Protocol requires regular content to engage the community and inform others about the benefits of CoW Swap. The content that I will be working on will include but not be limited to articles, blog posts, and FAQs. One idea could be to produce 5-7 blog posts/articles per month according to a schedule set out by the marketing team. The blog posts/articles will be used to promote Cow Protocol and enable more novice users to gain a better understanding of how CoW Protocol works under the hood and why everyone should be using them for their trades!

I believe this will have a lasting impact on CoW DAO as this will enable the marketing team to easily link topics to new users and have a constant flow of fresh content to release and promote our product. The content that I will be working on will assist the marketing team to draw more users to CoW Protocol. The articles can be used by the community in the future to guide new users to further read about how great CoW Protocol is. The articles/blog posts will be monitored by CoW Protocols marketing team to ensure high-quality content.

Grant Goals and impact:

  • Support the marketing team to create content for CoW Protocol highlighting the benefits of Cow Protocol
  • Produce 5-7 articles/blog posts monthly



Grant Timeline:

Initial trial period of 3 months.

Funding Request:

2250 DAI a month

Budget Breakdown:


Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Other Information:


Master Cow

Terms and conditions:

I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.


Definitely support this grant. One of the aspects CoW Protocol is looking to improve in the upcoming months is the user awareness of the product. This can be done through various strategies, but one of them is for sure around content creation. The more accessible content that we have, the more awareness we will get.

The trial period of 3 months makes sense to me. This way the community can evaluate the performance and quality of the content created.

Looking forward to hear what others have to say :slight_smile:


I support this grant in its entirety. Creating high-quality content to attract users and convert them into community members is an excellent use of grant funds. I look forward to reading your work @Kubesqrt


Thanks @Kubesqrt for the detailed proposal!

I strongly agree that the CoW ecosystem will benefit from more content articles!

Few things that I think can be add to the proposal:

  • Some example copy you were working on recently.
  • Idea topics for the first few pieces

@Kubesqrt I like the idea! I know one of the hardest parts of what I do is creating the article/description side of video content, for me it easier to just write or to just make content. So if you ever want to partner on content creation for CowSwap let me know!

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Absolutely in favour of this grant as we need an SEO and a content creation plan that will help increase web traffic and improve our project’s visibility in search engine results pages. I think keyword-rich, quality content will attract the right audience to our project.


Thanks @Kubesqrt for doing this proposal! I support your proposal and I think the 3-month trial period is a good way to get started :+1:


Thank you for your comment @middleway.eth .

The first articles I would like to write about is the core concepts of CoW protocol such as:

  • What is MEV
  • What is slippage
  • How solvers work
  • Why is cowswap useful in the ecosystem (ie Cowswap vs AMM vs Aggregator)
  • Tokenomics of $COW.

I will be working with @Master_CoW on the exact topics of the articles. The exact schedule of articles will be monitored by @Master_CoW.

In terms of the content that I have produced in the past, please refer to my original post.



To be clear, I was under the impression that examples were not provided initially.
I now read one of @Kubesqrt draft articles and I personally like it and would def want to see a series of those articles and content being worked on for CoW Grants (:


The final payment associated with this grant has been made here: Gnosis Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | GnosisScan