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About You:

I hereby apply for a grant to start working as a copywriter for CoW Protocol. I have been involved in Web3 since early 2020 and ever since continued to contribute to various DAOs (CoW Protocol and Cryptotesters) by creating content for example, articles and FAQs. I am an active member of CowDAO since November 2021 and have been on the GrantsDAO committee since mid-2022. I have supported CoW DAO by moderating the discord, promoting CoW protocol and producing written content for CoW Protocol.

Grant Category:

Community growth

Grant Description:

I would like to continue contributing to the growth of CoW Protocol by providing copywriting services to Cow Protocol for the period of August 23’ to October 23’. CoW Protocol requires regular content to engage the community and inform others about the benefits of CoW Swap. The content that I will be working on will include but not be limited to articles, blog posts, and FAQs. One idea could be to produce 4-7 blog posts/articles per month according to a schedule set out by the marketing team. The blog posts/articles will be used to promote Cow Protocol and enable more novice users to gain a better understanding of how CoW Protocol works under the hood and why everyone should be using them for their trades!


During my previous grant, I have achieved to produce the following articles which are reviewed and ready to be published.

  • What is backrunning
  • MEV Attacked Explained
  • What is frontrunning
  • Why are solvers important to how CoW Protocol works
  • How do DAOs use CoW Protocol for treasury management
  • Why do solvers produce better outcomes for users
  • Understanding order flow auctions
  • Why CoW Swap is the best choice for DAOs and Multisigs
  • CoW Protocol Grants: Wave 1
  • CoW Protocol Grants: Wave 2
  • How is CoW Protocol able to offer lower fees thanks to orderflow auctions
  • Why do Solvers produce better outcomes for users?

Grant Goals and impact:

Support the marketing team to create content for CoW Protocol highlighting the benefits of Cow Protocol

Produce 4-7 articles/blog posts monthly



Grant Timeline:

3 months.

Funding Request:

2250 DAI a month

Budget Breakdown:


Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Other Information:
Recently published articles:


Master Cow

Terms and conditions:

I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.


I support this proposal, and recommend if another quarter is requested in the future, that the engagement be extended to 6 months.


I’m supporting this proposal. Past work and articles were pretty good and we need more of them in the future in a context where intent based trading is getting more popular, with the rise of competitors, highlighting and explaining Cow Protocol’s benefits is more needed than ever.