Core contributor Software Engineer (Aug 2023 - Jan 2024 inclusive)



About You

  • Experience in technical systems analysis, design and implementation with a strong emphasis on risk management / gap analysis.
  • Experienced technical writer in mission-critical, highly regulated, and technical industries.
  • Actively independently developing with emerging decentralised technologies, including Swarm and Waku.
  • Previous CowDAO grants including ComposableCoW, ComposableCoW SDK + Docs and TWAP Orders.

Additional Links

  • ExtensibleFallbackHandler - An extensible fallback handler for Safe.
  • composable-cow - Composable stateless conditional orders (recently transferred to CoW Protocol GitHub organisation).
  • safe-cow - Implementing ERC-1271 signature aggregation for Safe trading on CoW Protocol API.
  • cowswap-twap-orders - Implementing TWAP orders for Safe trading via CoW Protocol API.

Grant Category

Core Contributor / Protocol Development

Grant Description

The intention is to maintain ongoing contributions to CoW Protocol and collaborate with the team throughout the period August 2023 - January 2024 (inclusive).

Grant Goals and Impact

I will devote at last 110 days each 6 calendar months to carrying out Software Engineering Services.

I shall provide the Services to Cow DAO from August 1st 2023 to January 31st 2024, inclusive, and to be actively renewed after the initial period through proposal and voting.


  • Continuous improvement of CoW Protocol, and developer experience through code contributions:

    • cow-sdk enhancement for new conditional order types.
    • External DAO utilities for proposing conditional orders.
    • Documentation enhancement for improvement external developer experience.
  • Provide smart contract support to business development, facilitating integration scoping, and external DAO proposals.

Funding Request

My fee is €8,333.33 (“Fee”) per month inclusive of taxes.

Gnosis Chain Address


Other Information

  • As an active member of the CowDAO Grants Committee, I hereby refrain from voting / signing on this proposal so as to eliminate conflicts of interest.


The grant size has been discussed with the Nomev LDA leadership team @anna and @fleupold.

Terms and Conditions


I support this proposal and agree that services rendered will be of value to CowDAO.

:pray: For the consideration of the Grants Committee, now moved to a snapshot vote (link here).

I support this proposal, even more given the impressive work realized on past CoW grants.

I endorse this wholeheartedly. Given @mfw78’s remarkable past contributions and impact to CoW, I’m keen to see more of his expertise in the next period.