Grant application: Core Contributor - Copywriter (March 2024 - August 2024 inclusive)

Core Contributor: Copywriter (March 2024 - August 2024 inclusive)


hertzov.eth & “hertzov” in the CoW Discord

About You:

I am applying for a grant from the CoW DAO to continue performing copywriting & growth marketing services for CoW DAO and all its products.

  • Core copywriter contributor to CoW Protocol since March 2023
  • Previously led content writing and community management efforts for DAOs, blockchain startups, and web3 newsletters
  • Formal background in digital marketing & media buying for web2 startups, enterprises, and commercial brands

My main contributions to CoW DAO up to this point include:

Serving as content lead for the CoW Protocol blog, publishing articles at an average cadence of 1x/week. Highlights include:

Writing the content for all new CoW DAO product web pages:

Drafting, reviewing, and posting social media content. Highlights:

Writing content & copy as needed

Miscellaneous marketing initiatives

  • Proposing branding & content for the upcoming CoW Protocol narrative overhaul
  • Ideating on and executing one-time campaigns such as the TWAP-tember trading contest
  • Providing ideas and feedback regarding ongoing marketing initiatives
  • Reviewing all published user-facing written content

Grant Category:

CoWmunity Growth

Grant Goals & Impact:

Initiatives for the next 6 months of this role include:

  • Ongoing

    • Reviewing and editing all published written materials including, but not limited to, the website, docs, release announcements, blog content, social media posts, and paid ads
    • Continuing a weekly cadence of publishing SEO content to the blog
    • Drafting and reviewing social media posts
  • Individual

    • Establishing a review cadence of SEO performance and creating a formal strategy for crafting future impactful SEO content
    • Migrating the blog away from Medium and toward a self-hosted CMS
    • Once the brand redesign is finished, writing content for the new website and implementing the overhaul
    • Potentially restarting paid ads initiatives, dependent on marketing team budget allocations

I will devote at least 110 days each 6 calendar months to carrying out the Services specified.

I shall provide the Services to CoW DAO from March 1st to August 31st, 2024. To be actively renewed after the initial period through proposal and voting.


  • Continual progress toward the Grant Goals & Impact, as outlined above
  • Assisting the marketing team with ad-hoc initiatives, as specified by the Head of Marketing
  • Attending regular meetings with the marketing team & marketing partners

Funding Request:

My fee is $6,250 (“Fee”) per month, inclusive of taxes. Denominated in xDAI.

Gnosis Chain Address:


One-off addendum:

Per the invite of the CoW leadership, I will be attending the team off-site in Lisbon from March 5th through March 15th, 2024. I am requesting a one-time reimbursement of 970 xDAI to cover my flights to and from Portugal.


The grant has been discussed with CoW Protocol core team members, including @anna @fleupold.

By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions.

By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the applicable CoW DAO Core Contributor Grant Terms.


Hey man!!

Nice content!! You deserve it.

I’ll quote you in Spanish, if you dont mint. To help spread the word!

This would be great, thank you Jota!

Thanks for your past work supporting the marketing team, I’m in support of this new grant.

I fully support this grant application. @hertzov has significantly enhanced our protocol’s marketing efforts. I am eager to see the further impact with the support of this grant.