Grant Application - Composable CoW Framework Treasure Hunt

Author: Mastercow.eth

About You:

  • Experience in Mooketing
  • Experienced marketer for CoW Swap for the past 3 years.
  • Master of the CoWs

Additional Links: N/A

Grant Category: Marketing promotion for the new Composable CoW Framework

Grant Description: This grant provides prizes relating to a targeted event coinciding with Devconnect (but open to global participation).

Grant Goals and Impact: To foster innovation and get people more familiar with the framework and new developer documentation, enhancing their ability to be more competitive / suitable for future grants related to this area of peripheral CoW Protocol products.

Milestones for prize distribution:

  • Milestone 1 → $500: Unlock an order using an easy to find proof.
  • Milestone 2 → $1000: Unlock an order using a proof located on a distributed storage system.
  • Milestone 3 → $2000: Unlock an order using a proof located on a distributed messaging system.
  • Milestone 4 → $10K: Unlock an order using a proof in a mystery location.

Funding Request:

The funding would be distributed such that the prize funds are placed individually in respective “prize safes”. These Safes will be configured such that they have a 1 of 2 owner threshold with CoWDAO / Grants DAO safes being the configured owners. Prizes will remain in the respective Safes for a minimum period of 6 months until withdrawn by the winner of the milestone or as renewed by subsequent grant committee approval.

Budget Breakdown: Milestones mentioned aboved

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant): Address of respective Prize safes to be determined at deployment time.

Other Information: #FeeltheMooooo


That treasure hunt is a great idea to motivate devs into discovering and using Composable Cow with a reasonable budget which can be returned into the Grants DAO treasury in the unfortunate case where the treasure hunt would not receive the expected traction. I support this proposal.

This is a great example of a marketing grant proposal. Fully support this!

Yaaarrrr, this be a fun idea. I signal my support of the grant. Maybe Snapshot @Master_CoW ? :eyes:

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