CoW Grants Public Consumption Page


I would like propose a comprehensive coverage for CoW Grants program, similar to what I covered for LEGO of LIDO : 1, 2

This report will need committee members support and outcomes shall be:

  1. List of all funded grants under one page

  2. Proof of grants disbursement (on-chain similar to txs page of LIDO) : can’t post a link here!

  3. Design of structure for grant reports for public consumption

  4. Comprehensive report about Cow Protocol (DAO & CGP) in general (to be published at grantde social mediums) : to attract builders of other DAOs at CGP to improve the DAO

  5. I would to propose to be part of grants reporting for Cow Protocol pro-bono for a year.

Requested Compensation for (1-4)

a) 1250 DAI upfront
b) 1250 DAI based on time-bound completion & quality of the whole work

Requested Compensation for (5)

  • Praneet

Thank you for your application Praneet. Cow Grants DAO already has a portal here, where applicants can review grants dispersed. So at this time, I do not support this proposal.


Will you let me re-appeal within a week with reasonable data backed response?

You are always welcome to reapply. As mentioned by @netrunner.eth we already have a portal that outlines grant recipients, so there would have to be a clear, data driven approach that would encourage community growth, or alleviate some existing workload in order to give the grant a valid value proposition.

Also, as an aside, it’s admirable that you offer pro-bono for a year, but without an incentive alignment, we can’t be guaranteed that the pro-bono offer may remain should we wish to avail ourselves of this offer.