Areca Custom Cow Protocol Trading UI Development

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I am co-founder and CEO at Areca, i am an organized, detailed oriented and a team player who is able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks. I hold a master degree in political science and social studies and i’ve got a combine 5+ years experience in digital marketing, web2 and web3 application development and customer support operation. I have spent the last five years in learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills in the area of blockchain technology.

Areca is a one-stop decentralized financial application platform that enables users to Swap with MEV protection powered by Cow protocol , invest in blockchain startups, lend and borrow digital assets on Ethereum and Gnosis blockchain.

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Grant Category
User interface and user experience UI/UX

Grant Description
Custom design and develop Cow protocol trading UI on our platform to enables users to interact with Cow protocol directly on our platform.

Grant Goal and Impact
Our mission is to contribute to Cow protocol ecosystem growth, by providing a custom design Cow protocol trading UI on our platform to enable users to interact with the protocol directly on our platform such as; Swap with MEV protection, experience Coincidence of wants (COW) etc.


  • Complete design and develop a custom Cow protocol trading UI on our platform with github repository.

Grant Timeline
Our projected timeline is 2 months to design a custom user-friendly Cow protocol trading UI on our platform.

Funding Request
A total funding request of $62,000 USD denominated in wXDAI to custom design and develop Cow protocol trading UI on our platform.

Budget Breakdown
We need a 2 Senior Web3 designer, 2 UI/UX Designer, and 2 Senior Web3 Developer. The budget details can be fund here.

Gnosis Safe Address to receive grant

Other Information
In terms of providing CowDAO Value for money (VFM);
Users will be able to interact with Cow protocol directly on our platform, a custom design Cow protocol trading UI with github repository for developers who want to make use of the UI on their platform. Others! Providing a staking dashboard for Cow holders on our platform with incentives in AXA tokens for Cow token holders.


Term and condition
By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions .

Thank @John for writing the proposal!
I have few questions that might help to clarify and further define the grant application before it can be considered by the Grants Committee.

  • Who created the MVP? Do you have a github repository to share?
  • Can you describe in more detail the new custom design you are proposing?
  • You mentioned it’ll be part of Areca platform. Do you have a live product / MVP / details about the Areca platform?
  • Do you have past experience with recruiting a team as described in the budget breakdown?

The Areca team created the MVP using Cowswap UI repository and this the link to the Areca MVP repository on github GitHub - Arecapro/Areca-Swap.

A new Cow protocol trading UI that looks entirely different from Cowswap trading UI to match up with the design of our other products.

All our products are currently in development stage, details about our platform can be found here All our products will go live in the next couple of months for public beta testing.

Yes, Atostiger AtosGuru (AtosGuru) · GitHub our lead-dev and co-founder, a 10+ years professional web developer and blockchain expert who has work on a great number of project and also recruit lots of team members is in charge of recruiting team members.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a grant. Based on the information presented and lack of an Areca userbase, or budget for marketing, I do not believe that funding the Areca platform represents value for money. Unfortunately, at this time, I am signalling no for this proposal.

What does it mean a design that is entirely different than CoW Swap? Color scheme? Moving away from the Uniswap-like design altogether? how does this benefit the CoW DAO?
I’d rather wait to see the Areca platform go live so we can experiment with it and get a sense of the value that will be created by such integration and design.

ATM I tend to agree with @netrunner.eth, although I definitely think this can become a valuable proposal once we see a live Areca platform and can evaluate the integration of CoW Protocol into it.

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