Launchpad on/for Cow Protocol

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Launchpad For Cow Protocol

Akhilesh Mishra:

About You:
I am in crypto & blockchain for 4+ years. Started my journey as blogger later started working with ICO projects, and currently working as founder at Texochat. Texochat is a blockchain based messaging app that allows users to have safe & simple communication while using crypto reach features like wallet, nft marketplace, rewarding, airdrop, staking, etc. Texochat is backed & supported by Velas, Nuls, LidoFi, & Router Protocol.

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Grant Description:
We propose to build Launchpad that will help projects to raise funds in COW token and automatically stake their % of raised funds in Cow Protocol. Micro or Big projects building on Cow Protocol or aims to help Cow Protocol can raise funds using launchpad.
Projects launching on our launchpad agrees to stake their % of raised funds for at least 5 months.

Most of Launchpads do use their own token as native token but here we will use COW token instead of our token. later after development, we aim to add/integrate Launchpad in Texochat, projects launching on Launchpad will attract investors & users from other chains as well.

By integrating it in Texochat launchpad will get marketing support from our partners.

At initial launch we are building web version of pad later we will integrate Launchpad with Texochat

Grant Goals and impact:

  • By integrating in Texochat, launchpad will be available for both mobile & desktop devices.
  • It will bring investors, users, KOLs, and most likely more TVL to the Cow Protocol.
  • We will make sure projects agree to stake % of raised funds in Cow.
  • We allow investors to invest using their Cow token instead of our own token.
  • It will become easy to invest in any project for users using Texochat as we have integrated wallet, one-click to invest.
  • Staking system, allowing users to auto stake once tge starts.*

Design & Prototype
Launchpad and contract development. Connecting with Metamask wallet.
Launchpad & contract audit from third party & platform test by few members of Cow community.
Marketing: conducting AMA, Giveaways, Airdrops, & hosting campaigns.
Bringing first project on launchpad

Grant Timeline:
Smart Contract development: 70 days
Frontend & backend: 30 days
Design: 7 days
Security check: 25 days
Marketing: 15 days
Total: 147 days

Funding Request:
$2500 on acceptance
$500 on design
$1500 on frontend & backend update (1)
$1500 on completion of frontend & backend (2)
$3500 on smart contract development update (1)
$3500 on completion of smart contract development (2)
$2000 on completion of project completion

Budget Breakdown:
7000 USD Smart Contract development
3000 USD frontend & backend development
500 USD design
3000 USD Security check
1500 USD marketing & management cost

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Terms and conditions:
Include this line in your grant application:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions .

Thanks @texochat
I personally don’t see the benefit of a dedicated fundraising platform for CoW Swap.
I think there are enough alternatives in the market including Gnosis Auction which was built by CoW team members and uses a fair price discovery mechanism.

Having said that, I want to thank you for submitting your proposal :heavy_heart_exclamation: