[Grant Proposal] CoW Protocol Monthly Financial Reporting & Analysis

Description of the proposal :
Provide Monthly Reports about the Financial State of the CoW DAO. The reports would include : Revenues, Expenses, Treasury Analysis, Competition Analysis, Macro Trends Analysis …

How will your project benefit the CoW Ecosystem?
Inform the community about what’s going on with the DAO financially and how it is impacted by crypto trends & news.

Transfer 12k USD (in COW) to Asymmetric Defi wallet upront (50% of the requested amount).
Transfer 12k USD (in COW) to Asymmetric Defi wallet upon completion of 12 Monthly reports (50% of the requested amount).
Wallet address : 0x3c8fc549798C48Cd4EdC1786bef85D3a50f15C10

Examples of Previous Work

Other Information
Asymmetric Defi is a Uniswap & Compound grantee for Financial reporting & analysis. And an Aave grantee for Wallets borrowing strategies.

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Hey @adalhi welcome to the forum, thanks for the application.

I think the proposal is not detailed enough, so it is hard to understand the value for money here.
I do recognize the need for more coherent and concise reporting to increase transparency about CoW Protocol and CoW DAO.

I think the reports you shared are not very suitable for CoW DAO’s needs. They are too long and detailed, not providing a concise summery and would be probably hard to read for most readers.
I think that most of the relevant information about CoW Protocol is available as Dune dashboards and treasury reporting will be produced by @karpatkey

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Hi @middleway.eth

These reports have passive investors (be it retail or institutions) as the main target audience, not active community contributors. These COW token investors don’t have the time nor the knowledge to navigate Dune Dashboards. My reports for other DAOs received good feedback from some investors & delegates.

As for Karpatkey, they do treasury investment so no overlap with my reports.

For the reports being long, except for Uniswap Nov report, the others are at a suitable length. One of the goals of these reports is to explain how the protocol works to the readers piece by piece to build loyalty hence the detailed analysis.

Agree with @Middleway here. It’s hard to justify 24k USD equivalent (~300,000 COW at the time of writing) for the ROI.

If the only issue is the cost, I can make 4 quarterly reports for 12k USD.

Given that there has been a decision previously to partner with @karpatkey (see: CIP-19) who produce excellent weekly reports, I think that we are covered for reporting when karpatkey is fully up and running.

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As I mentioned in a previous comment, Karpatkey handles treasury investments, no overlap with my reports.

Hi Adalhi,
Interesting comment on time / knowledge to navigate Dune, as I feel that it has a similar time to review as any other report.
A few questions to help the community understand the focus:

  1. Which addresses are you suggesting to analyse?
  2. How is the analysis performed, which tools are used or is this manually sourced information?
  3. As part of the key operation handles funds from N assets, having fees denominated in those assets, which source of FX will you be using?
  4. What is the extra vector compared to Karpatkey / Dune reporting that would be produced?

Hi Ipm,

For Dune, not everyone is familiar with the platform. It is for crypto natives mainly. There are so many dashboards and filtering them takes time & knowledge.

To answer the other questions : I will be analyzing the DAO from a top level mainly. Track volumes executed through Cow Porotocl, Fees paid by users, DAO revenues & expenses …The Data comes from multiple sources : Defi Llama, Token Terminal, Dune, Flipside, Community built tools & analytics dashboards …
Karpatkey invests the DAO treasury across Defi and they report on the performance of their investments weekly. Karpatky itself will have a line in my reports : Treasury investment income as a revenue for the DAO and Karpatkey compenstation as an expense. If you read the reports I shared as examples, they are very different in scope from Karpatkey (“Treasurer”).
The goal of these reports is to aggregate all information CoW holders need to know about the protocol. Active contributors already know what’s going on and can find data on dashbaords, but not investors that don’t contribute to the DAO. I also analyze metrics that explain how the protocol works indirectly (Example : Utilization Ratios for Lending protocols …) to build loyalty among investors, as they tend to get attached to protocols they know best.

If funding is an issue, I can propose the following revised compensation structure :
1k USD in COW per monthly report (with rate determined at time of payment) paid after the production of each report.
The grant approval will cover 12 monthly reports, then rediscuss.

Grant withrawn. Thanks for the consideration!