Grant Application: Decentralizing CoW’s Watchtower

Hello @mfw78 Please find below my answers:

  • All tech from which to run the solution is/will be open-source?

Yes. In particular, the new code specific to the watchtower service will be released under Apache 2.0 license.

  • The proposed solution represents 100% ownership by CowDAO with no trailing fees / protocol fees etc.

The code from which to run the solution is open source. It can be forked and run by anyone (in particular CoW DAO). The lifecycle of a service implies several transactions on mainnet. However these are meant to happen rarely and do not depend on the level of activity of the service (cf. Manage the life cycle of a service - Autonolas Developer Documentation for an overview of an autonomous service life cycle).

  • An estimate for transaction fees that would be incurred for the consensus mechanism? (mainnet/gnosis chain/goerli).

No fees incurred (to be confirmed once the full spec of the service is available).

From a tech side, for the P2P component, is this limited to communication only between agents?