Grant Application - Ladder trading via the CoW programmatic order framework

Grant Title:
Ladder is a crypto trading bot that automates the strategy of incremental buying or selling of a crypto asset (rather than opting for a single price).

Stefan van As
GitHub: svanas (Stefan) · GitHub

About You:
I’m a (Delphi and Rust and Go) developer and Ethereum consultant. In the past, I worked for Macromedia and Adobe and 1Password. I am the lead dev of a web3 implementation for the Delphi programming language.

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Grant Description:
Trading crypto is a game of dealing with harsh volatility and the uncertainties of timing the market. Most traders get it wrong. Throw in human emotions and all you get is anxiety rather than profits. Ladder trading is a strategy to minimize the risks and reap greater rewards. This software automates the strategy while removing human emotions. At the time of this writing, Ladder supports mostly CEXes such as Coinbase and Bitstamp and Bittrex and Binance. We are planning on adding support for DEXes.

Grant Goals and Impact:
We will want to add support for CoW’s programmatic order framework to Ladder. This will allow our users to trade on a DEX while bringing volume to the CoW protocol ecosystem.

We have identified the following milestones:

Milestone 1 (2 weeks)
Implement the CoW programmatic order framework. At the end of this milestone, we should deliver a beta build that supports CoW.

Milestone 2 (2 weeks)
Test Ladder with the CoW protocol. At the end of this milestone, we should have identified and fixed the bugs.

Milestone 2 (1 week)
Document the CoW integration. At the end of this milestone, we should deliver a medium article that explains how to set Ladder up with CoW.

Funding Request:
We believe we need 5 weeks to complete all of the above milestones. We are asking for $10.000 in xDAI or COW tokens.

Budget Breakdown:
In total, we believe we need 200 hours to complete all of the above milestones. We are asking for $10.000 to compensate for these hours at a rate of $50/hour.

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):

Terms and Conditions:
By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions.

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This integration looks to be a promising programmatic framework. I am interested in the views of the other Grant Committee Members.

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Hi @svanas,
This looks super interesting! Can you kindly please elaborate on how you intend to integrate the programmatic order framework with ladder?

I think what is not clear from the application so far is any dependencies / external infra assumptions etc.


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Hello @mfw78. I haven’t really figured out all the tech details, but I can see us using this repo and then have the software ask the user for a private key or a seed phrase, not a (CEX) API key. Who knows, maybe we can improve on the go-cowswap repo while we are consuming it.

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@svanas thanks for your proposal, I find it interesting.
I think that in order to more concretely consider funding this proposal, we’d have to first iron out those missing technical details.

There would probably need to be a milestone for writing and auditing the smart contract code for the proposed ladder orders.
Then building a user interface for those orders is something CoW Grants can definitely consider funding if it is developed as Open source code.

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@middleway.eth I did not realize interfacing with the programmatic order framework requires deployment of a smart contract, but I do have some experience writing them. Can someone point me to the POF docs, if any? I would like to get some research started.

The GUI will probably be a console app because that is what Ladder is, but I can develop and release a native app to the Microsoft and Apple App Store, if needed.

Everything I do is open source.


You can find exhaustive reference for the programmatic order framework at

I think what may be helpful is if you scope out some architectural overview of what it is that you’re trying / wanting to achieve, then we can do a gap analysis from the tech side, and this would allow you to more accurately scope the grant?

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@netrunner.eth @mfw78 @middleway.eth For some reason unknown to me, the staff keeps flagging my post as spam and then remove it. I am unsure who is in charge, but can you please stop doing this? I am trying to submit a serious proposal.

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@mfw78 I will be looking at soon.

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Sorry about that, we are encountering some kind of bug with your post and we’re not able to remove the flag somehow. Maybe repost your proposal as a comment so people can see it.

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I suspect the forum software is flagging the post as “spam” when large bodies of text is pasted in.

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This time it seems that the flag removal worked, the proposal should be fully visible again.

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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for submitting your grant proposal. We are eager to review it. Please be aware that due to the recent renewal of our grants program and the holiday season, we are currently experiencing a delay in our review process. This may result in an extended timeline for the grants committee to establish their procedures and provide you with specific feedback. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.