Grant Application - Ladder trading via the CoW programmatic order framework

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This integration looks to be a promising programmatic framework. I am interested in the views of the other Grant Committee Members.

Hi @svanas,
This looks super interesting! Can you kindly please elaborate on how you intend to integrate the programmatic order framework with ladder?

I think what is not clear from the application so far is any dependencies / external infra assumptions etc.


Hello @mfw78. I haven’t really figured out all the tech details, but I can see us using this repo and then have the software ask the user for a private key or a seed phrase, not a (CEX) API key. Who knows, maybe we can improve on the go-cowswap repo while we are consuming it.

@svanas thanks for your proposal, I find it interesting.
I think that in order to more concretely consider funding this proposal, we’d have to first iron out those missing technical details.

There would probably need to be a milestone for writing and auditing the smart contract code for the proposed ladder orders.
Then building a user interface for those orders is something CoW Grants can definitely consider funding if it is developed as Open source code.

@middleway.eth I did not realize interfacing with the programmatic order framework requires deployment of a smart contract, but I do have some experience writing them. Can someone point me to the POF docs, if any? I would like to get some research started.

The GUI will probably be a console app because that is what Ladder is, but I can develop and release a native app to the Microsoft and Apple App Store, if needed.

Everything I do is open source.

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You can find exhaustive reference for the programmatic order framework at

I think what may be helpful is if you scope out some architectural overview of what it is that you’re trying / wanting to achieve, then we can do a gap analysis from the tech side, and this would allow you to more accurately scope the grant?

@netrunner.eth @mfw78 @middleway.eth For some reason unknown to me, the staff keeps flagging my post as spam and then remove it. I am unsure who is in charge, but can you please stop doing this? I am trying to submit a serious proposal.

@mfw78 I will be looking at soon.

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