Grant application: CoW Subgraph Extractooor Tool

Grant Application: CoW Subgraph Extractor Tool


Warden Finance (

About You:

Warden Finance helps DeFi protocols be more accessible to everyone by building transparent analytics and risk tools. We’re on a mission to make DeFi data comprehensible and democratize sound risk management practices.

Our team has extensive experience in crypto, finance, and software engineering. As builders, we’ve completed several projects for notable projects including:

  • Risk & analytics platform for DeFi (
  • Dune Analytics dashboards for Aave, Euler, Instadapp, and Uniswap (@shippooordao)
  • Uniswap Data Extractooor
  • Notional analytics dashboard (
  • Euler subgraph

Our team is comprised of three members:

  • Hugo Boisselle-Morin - Senior Software Engineer
  • David Dallaire - Senior Software Engineer
  • Phil Labrecque - Data Analyst

Grant Category:


Grant Description:

We propose to build a custom data extractor for the CoW community. This tool would allow users to easily download CoW protocol’s current and historical data (orders, trades, pools, hourly/daily data) in easily digestible formats such as CSV and excel. This tool would allow anyone to easily build custom queries with filters to explore CoW subgraph data. A live demo of this tool for Uniswap v3 is available on Warden Finance (

The tool would support both Ethereum and Gnosis chain deployments of CoW. More precisely, it will surface all of the entities available on the following subgraphs:

  • Official Ethereum Subgraph (cowprotocol/cow)
  • Official Gnosis Chain Subgraph (cowprotocol/cow-gc)

Grant Goals and impact:

Currently, it is hard for non-technical people to build Dune dashboards or query historical data directly from The Graph. This tool would be free for everyone to use, provide a very user friendly experience and give access to rich datasets.

The main goal of this project is to make CoW’s data accessible to anyone, especially to non-technical people. Success is going to be measured by the number of queries executed on the tool.


  1. Design and implement the data model that will specify available datasets, filters and sort options
  2. Implement all of the queries that will feed into the data model.
  3. Design and implement UI, pipe all of the data into it.
  4. Testing, debugging and productionization

Grant Timeline:

The project should take about 8 weeks to complete.

Funding Request:

We ask for $10’000 to fund this grant proposal.

Budget Breakdown:

The funds will go towards development costs. (We ask for 50% upfront payment, 50% on delivery).

By our estimate, the amount of work required to complete the project end-to-end should total about 100 hours.

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):




Terms and conditions:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement 3 and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions 5.

Hi @WardenFinance, welcome to the forum and thanks for your proposal.
Most of CoW Protocol data analytics is available on Dune analytics and not on subgraphs.
Subgraphs are harder to develop, maintain and generate insights from. (although more accessible and decentralized)

There are definitely opportunities for grants working on unique data analytics and insights for CoW Protocol!
Having said that, I’m not sure I see the ROI with the above proposal.

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I mirror @middleway.eth comments. Whilst there may be a niche in the crypto data analytics space, I do not believe that funding this proposal would represent value for money for the DAO, especially how most of the data is available on Dune Analytics.