GP 1: Grant application: core contributor UX/UI Designer

With the grants forum section opened, I’ll kick of with a grant application. Attached you’ll find a PDF link for my grant application as a core contributor. I’ve broken down the ‘goals’ section with currently planned tasks and objectives to be worked on for the stated period.


Looking forward to any feedback to this application.


Hi @fairlight I have reviewed the application and support this grant in its entirety. The work you have done for Cow Protocol is appreciated, and I look forward to your continued contributions.

UI/UX has been one of Cowswap’s strong points. So I fully support this proposal. One question though: you’re asking for about $7080 per month. This seems low for the quality of work compared to other DAOs. For full transparency, it would be good to know what you and (other contributors) are receiving in equity / token vesting as compensation.

Hi @fairlight - the application seems reasonable and I’m generally in favour.

As this is more of an “on-going” basis, the committee requires different feedback mechanisms, and as such, we will require reporting / review from your direct reports (minimum of two I think is advisable) within the LDA so that we can ensure transparency for performance monitoring. If @Master_CoW can formalise something around this?

Other than that, I’m big fan of the UX work you’ve done and I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

Hi @mfw78,

Any form of reporting for transparency reasons is something that makes senses. I agree that a report per semester on the tasks performed is the way forward, but we need to keep in mind due to the actual position of UX, tasks are not as quantifiable or measurable that easily.

Because of this, I think the best solution is to simply report some sort of backlog of tasks perform over the course of the report. Most of these tasks that are on @fairlight backlogs will be visible at some point, so that should be the way to measure it.

Are we okay moving this forward if we agree on a report/semester? We could follow a format similar to this:

Great to see that you are applying for the cow grants program! Hopefully many people from outside the team see you as an example and are following!