Grant aplication: Core contributor UX/UI Designer (2023 Q1)

Attached you’ll find a PDF link for my grant application to continue as a core contributor, covering Q1 of 2023.

Progress on goals from my previous grant have been highlighted, as well as currently planned tasks and objectives to be worked on for the stated period.


Looking forward to any feedback to this application.


The continuous improvement of the UI and front-end over the past grant period has been fantastic.

I support this application and look forward to your future contributions.

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Past Fairlight’s grant and contributions worked really well and delivered some much needed UI/UX improvements to CowSwap who are really appreciated by users.

I support this application in the continuity of past contributions.

Hi @fairlight, thanks for your work to date. It’s been great, and I share similar sentiments to the kind messages above from the committee. Could you please propose this on the Cow Grants snapspace for committee members to formally vote on approval and hopefully we can get this moving along :+1:

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