Ethereum México 2023 - Let's put a sombrero on the CoW :)

Grant Title: Ethereum México 2023

Author: chuygarcia.eth, brichis

Names and roles of team members:

  • Bricia Guzman - Sponsorships & Grants Coordinator

Bachelor in Public Accounting, Project Manager at General Magic, Co-Founder of Ethereum México, and Optimism Delegate.


TG: @ brichis Discord: Brichis

  • Chuy García - Event Coordinator

Community manager for Dappnode. Backgrounds in the film and music industries in México, event planning and community building.


TG: @chuygarcia92 Discord: chuygarcia.eth

  • AnaTech.eth - Comms Coordinator

Community Manager for the Arbitrum Foundation. Co-founder and volunteer to Ethereum Mexico in free time.

  • Ariiellus - Community Lead & Speakers Curator

Bachelor in Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Project Management Specialist by Platzi, Token Engineer by TEA, Game Theory Course by Stanford University. Founder of Kairos Research and Co-Founder of Ethereum Mexico.

  • Facunar97 - Content Creator & Speakers Curator

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Researcher/Analyst at Espacio Cripto, and Co-founder and Content Lead for Ethereum Mexico.

  • Acidlazzer - Social Media Manager

Animation and Visual Effects Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Sinaloa, visual artist specialized in the musical area, graphic designer, and project manager for multiple Web3 organizations.

  • Dmars300 - Sponsorships & Grants

Founder & CEO Cryptoversidad, Sponsors relations in Ethereum Mexico.

  • 0xyNaMu - Public Goods Advisor

Experienced impact evaluation specialist with a background in public policy consulting and FinTech. She co-founded IEF and WAGMI LATAM, and is a Governor at HER LATAM. LauNaMu has been active in the web3 space since 2021, advising emerging projects on on-chain data strategies for effective impact measurement and ecosystem positioning.

  • Karen84.crypto - Volunteers Lead

Master’s degree in law, blockchain consultant and regulator, personal finance coach, Web3 educator, writer, and speaker, member of Nación Bankless committee, Ethereum México core team member, and founder of Búho Financiero.



  • Conducted ten virtual classes with over 60 attendees each.

  • Organized three meetups with 30+ attendees and five workshops totaling 250+ participants.

  • Held ten Twitter Spaces sessions, each with over 60 live attendees and 100+ listeners.

  • Hosted two major events in Mexico City, each with 100+ participants.

  • Volunteered at events including ETHBogotá, ETHLatam, and Devcon VI.

  • Spoke at ETHLatam and contributed to Devcon VI as volunteers, notetakers, and MCs.

  • Ran two additional Twitter Spaces with 80+ live participants and 100+ listeners.


  • Conducted an event in Mexico City with 50+ attendees.

  • We collaborated with Ledger to spread the word about how important it is to hold your assets using a hardware wallet. These collaboration involved several workshops in various cities across Mexico (Puebla, CDMX, Mérida, Guadalajara and Monterrey) including a virtual workshop for developers, reaching over 223 attendees, emphasizing self-custodial and security and collaborating with local communities. During these meetups we found that the Mexico community is engaged by high level talks, new topics and developer-focused content.

  • Organizing 12 events in 9 cities across Mexico. (5 events have been already occurred)

  • Establishing a robust network of local partner communities throughout the country.

You can find some metrics from our previous events here.

Additional Links:

Grant Category: CoWmunity Growth

Grant Description:

Ethereum Mexico is one of the biggest communities working towards Ethereum’s growth in Mexico, dedicated to educating individuals about blockchain technology and championing Ethereum’s values. We act as a link connecting the Ethereum community, the Ethereum Foundation, and local communities in Mexico.

Our diverse offerings include in-person meetups, engaging Twitter Spaces discussions, immersive workshops, and enriching educational content. A highlight of our 2023 agenda is a large-scale event slated for Q4 in Mexico City, expected to draw more than 800 attendees. This event is designed to catalyze education and innovation within the Ethereum community.

In our pursuit of this transformative vision, we are actively seeking sponsors, and we aspire to include CoW Protocol as one of our valued sponsors. This is why we are applying for small grants to help make Ethereum Mexico 2023 a reality. Our track record includes active participation in significant events such as ETHMexico, #RoadToDevcon, and Devcon VI since June 2022. Ethereum Mexico is committed to going beyond mere market discussions and showcasing Ethereum’s true potential as a force for change.

Grant Goals and Impact:

  1. To educate individuals about the safe and effective use of blockchain technology, focusing on CoW Swap.

  2. To disseminate the uses of CoW Swap to a broader audience.

  3. To provide unwavering support and assistance to local communities in conceptualizing, building, and scaling CoW Swap-related projects.

  4. To organize and host a series of large-scale events, workshops, and community gatherings, including a landmark event planned for Q4 2023 in Mexico City.


Milestone Due Date Payment
Pre-Event Activation 21/Sept/23 50%
Event Execution 21/Oct/23 50%
Post-Event Follow-up 21/Nov/2023

Milestone 1: Pre-Event Activation (1 months prior)

  • Contract finalization

  • Preparation of marketing materials, including press releases, social media announcements, and branding materials

Milestone 2: Event Execution (Q4 2023)

  • On-site activation, including Registration area branding and social media promotions

  • Workshops, Talks, and other Interactive Sessions

  • Collect metrics for reporting and tracking

Milestone 3: Post-Event Follow-up (within 1 month after the event)

  • Final report and metrics evaluation

  • Testimonial collections

Funding Request: 5,000 xDAI (Serrano Sponsorship Tier)

Budget Breakdown:

  1. Registration area branding: $600

  2. Logo in event artwork: $600

  3. Press release mention: $500

  4. Social Media Announcements: $500

  5. Metallic Stickers of MetaMask Logo: $300

  6. Talk & Logo during Streaming Breaks: $2,500

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):
Ethereum México multisig: 0x7674D60760918Ae89cA71F2ce1Af2b2E740E2c8E

By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions.


Hi there! This looks interesting. Are you able to supply a previous “Final report and metrics evaluation” report for review? It would be good to see if sponsoring such events have a positive ROI for the DAO.

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Interesting proposal, but just like Netrunner pointed, would be interested to see some data/reports about similar events and grants first, if those are available, even if such an event might not necessarily produce imediate positive results…

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GM @netrunner.eth @Chim9!
I’m Bricia Guzmán, co-founder of the Ethereum México Community. Currently, I’m leading our efforts in sponsorship and grants for our upcoming event, Ethereum México 2023.

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. We had the pleasure of meeting your project at Devcon, and we are excited about the possibility of having your involvement at our event. Ethereum México 2023 is our most significant endeavor to date, and while it’s a big undertaking, we are fortunate to have Chuy, our experienced event coordinator, on board.

We have a strong track record of successful events. In our recent collaboration with Ledger, we organized five local events in various cities and conducted one virtual workshop. You can delve into the details and analytics from these events in our presentation, accessible via the following link:

Ledger Collaboration Presentation

This year, we’re expanding our reach with the “Road to Ethereum México,” comprising 12 different events in nine cities. You can keep up with our progress by referring to the following presentation, which provides insights into the evolution of Ethereum México throughout its existence:

Ethereum México’s Journey Presentation

We’re thrilled about the potential collaboration and the opportunity to showcase your project at our event. If you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hi, thanks for the Grant Application. In general with such tight timelines that have been mentioned, I don’t think that this Grant is something that I can support (especially given that the requested milestone is tomorrow). This aside though, while we are supportive of expanding the CoWMunity, and being inclusive across cultures / languages is definitely something that we want to endorse, I don’t think event sponsorship is really within the remit of the Grants Program.

For these kinds of events, I’d encourage you to better reach out to BD / Partnerships / Marketing at CoW if they wish to endorse this. For future applications (and discussion amongst the Grants Committee), I’d see grants that are suitable for CoWMunity Growth in this area to be things such as translation of documentation, translation of interfaces, translation of blog posts etc.

Thanks again for your application, and I hope that we can soon better serve the Mexican / Latam CoWmunity!

GM @mfw78! Our event is scheduled for October 21st, and we are open to adjusting payment days if needed to align with your requirements. The requested grant amount may not be substantial, and we appreciate your consideration. We presented this as a grant application based on market conditions. In the future, we will explore more suitable avenues.

If you believe that the appropriate approach is to engage with the Marketing team, could you kindly provide a contact person I can reach out to, or introduce us? My Telegram handle is @brichis. Thank you for your assistance.