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Eugene Fine (CEO & Founder) - Over 20 years building, scaling, and managing technology organizations. Recent experience includes a CTO role at Explorer Surgical Corp., which was recently acquired by GHX, and VP of Engineering at GHX. Eugene is a founder at consideritdone.tech, a Blockchain/WEB3 development studio.

Ramil Amerzynov (CTO) - 15+ years building complex technical architecture and software solutions., focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 7 years. Recent projects include the Fractional CTO role at Landslide Network and CTO role at consideritdone.tech.

Misha Kushka (Technical Lead) - 6+ years developing Blockchain/WEB3 technical architecture and software solutions. Recent projects include Lead Technical Architect roles at Akiva Capita! Holdings and Avalaunch

Oleksandra Burmenska (Head of Partnerships) - Over 10 years of experience in Business Development and Management roles in Technology organizations, focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 5 years. Recent projects include contributions to NEAR, Axelar, GnosisSafe, and Avalanche ecosystems

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DAOsign Website

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DAO Tooling

Grant Description:
DAOsign is a decentralized platform for agreements and automated workflows, with publicly verifiable, cryptographic proofs-of-signature, designed for DAOs and WEB3 companies.

Verifiable Signature is at the core of DAOsign and is based on 3 key proofs: proof-of-identify, proof-of-authority, and proof-of-agreement. Utilizing these proofs, DAOsign provides a platform to design and configure complex workflows that combine smart-contract-based automation with authorized approvals.

Traditional methods of signing agreements, such as paper-based systems or legacy e-signatures, are prone to fraud and lack transparency, and offer no solution for verification of the signer’s identity or signer’s authority to execute the agreement. Instead, these systems rely on costly legal proceedings for enforce agreements.

DAOsign provides publicly verifiable cryptographic proofs; secure, transparent, and automated processing of complex Agreements and Policies.

Furthermore, DAOsign provides robust Governance and Policy Builder platform to provide governance, workflow automation, and controls for organization policies and procedures.

Grant Goals and Impact:
We are a boutique development studio and we help WEB2 and Blockchain/WEB3 businesses achieve success with our custom software solutions since 2016. This is how we want to contribute to CoW Protocol:

Through this grant, our goal is to empower the CoW Protocol ecosystem with a cutting-edge agreement-signing tool tailored for DAOs and web3 companies. By seamlessly automating the process of creating, executing, and managing agreements, we aim to enhance the efficiency and transparency of interactions within the ecosystem. This tool will not only simplify governance procedures for DAOs but also foster a more collaborative and organized environment for web3 entities.

The impact of this grant extends to various stakeholders. Users will experience smoother and faster interactions, contributing to a more user-friendly and engaging ecosystem. DAOs will benefit from streamlined decision-making and a reduction in administrative burdens. The broader community will witness increased participation and improved coordination, leading to a stronger and more vibrant CoW Protocol ecosystem. Ultimately, our grant’s success will signify a leap forward in enhancing operational effectiveness, fostering innovation, and promoting a cohesive and thriving web3 environment within the CoW Protocol ecosystem.


Milestone Due Date Payment
CoW Protocol Testnet Version Q3 2023 $30 000
Incentivized Testnet version Q3 2023
Mainnet version Q3-Q4 2023 $15 000
Mainnet version extended Q4 2023 $5 000

Milestone 1 - CoW Protocol Testnet Version

  • The ability to store proofs on the CoW Testnet blockchain and verify them there.

The functionality includes:

  • “Create an agreement” implementation;
  • Assigning signers and observers
  • Implementation of Proof-of-Authority
  • Implementation of Proof-of-Signature
  • Implementation of Proof-of-Agreement.
  • Early adopters program preparation

Milestone 2 - Incentivized Testnet version

  • Early Adopters Program launch
  • Online onboarding events
  • Feedback collecting
  • Roadmap adjustment

Milestone 3 - Mainnet version

  • Launching blockchain-stored and verified proofs version of DAOsign.
  • Production support
  • System resiliency
  • NFT-based Signer Authority Verification System

Milestone 4 - Mainnet version extended

  • Snapshot integration
  • GPT3 integration
  • Agreement legal templates

Funding Request:
$50 000

Budget Breakdown:
CoW Protocol Testnet Version + Incentivized Testnet version - $30 000
Mainnet version - $15 000
Mainnet version extended - $5 000

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):
eth address: cidt.eth

Terms and Conditions:
By submitting this grant application, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW Grant Terms and Conditions.

Hi @Tania, Thanks for the Grant Proposal, however I don’t see how this complies with the intent of the Grants Program, nominally how would this actually benefit CoW Protocol / CowDAO.

Without a clear value proposition, this grant can’t be progressed.


We understand the importance of alignment. So we believe our tool can directly empower CoW Protocol by streamlining and enhancing decision-making processes within CowDAO. It significantly boosts the efficiency of governance by automating agreement creation, execution, and management. This ensures faster consensus-building and smoother operations, benefiting the CoW community.