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Core Contributor - Business Development


Max (zEniTH)

About You

I have a background in Business Development and Sales, with over three years of experience in the Automotive industry. In addition, I have been actively involved in the Web3 space for the past 22 months, working on both DeFi and NFT projects including our 3 months pilot run.


Core Team CMS & Sourcing - Redlion Gazette (Aug 2021 - Present)

  • Business development and partnerships with Artists, projects, & NFT DAOs.

  • Probing potential NFTs & Ethereum ecosystem events, creating short-form content.

  • content segregation and assortment.

  • Assist with operations and Research initiatives

Genesis Team & Outbound BD - Polygon Ecosystem DAO - MENA (June 2021 - May 2022)

  • Coordinated and organised events to educate the Middle Eastern region about Polygon, and encourage projects via Grants.

  • Mentored and Endorsed fellow advocates, promoting impactful contributors and incentivizing them to take on more responsibility.

  • Arranged meetings and AMAs for region-specific communities and provided communication relay and feedback reports to the Polygon Core Team.

DAOs & Community Contributions:

  • Bankless HQ - Community support

  • Index Coop - Outbound BD (DAO Treasury Diversification working group)

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Grant Category

Business Development

Grant Goals and impact

My goal is to continue our current business development process while improving efficiency and mitigating redundancies. Our initial feedback loop has provided us with valuable insights and direction. With proper communication channels and task prioritization, our overall coordination with the Core BD team has significantly improved.

We are exploring various niches and sectors to identify the best use cases for our proposal pitch. Our initial market research has produced a strong database of prospects that we are approaching immediately, as well as potential targets from chains we are planning to deploy.

My experience and understanding of the market landscape have been greatly enhanced by interactions, feedback and regular communication with the Core BD Team has given me valuable insights, and wider perspectives into integrations. This has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of key constraints and medium-term priorities.


All milestones from the previous Grant were completed except the following;

  • Mutual benefit incentive structure (had to scrap this one as we are going with flexible and custom solutions in our integrations pitch)

  • General Roadblock causes (from assessing feedback, there isn’t a conclusive pattern to generalise. However, we have spotted the significance of combining multiple use cases in the proposal is more effective. Finding the right contact with expertise & depth of knowledge is another factor.

We will need a bigger set of data to form effective strategies to overcome those hurdles. But on the bright side, we are progressing in the right direction as each successful deal has a compound effect.

Notable projects which have/had a productive call

  • Block wallet

  • Frax Swap

  • Redacted

  • Dzap

  • Frame Wallet

  • Olympus DAO

  • Offramp. XYZ

  • Arbor Finance

  • LiFi Protocol

  • Index Coop

  • Idle Finance

  • Gamma Strategies

  • Defi llama

  • Atlantis World

  • Brink Trade

  • Pillar wallet

  • Castle Link

  • Ambire Wallet

  • Odos

  • Kyber Swap

  • Rook

  • Xdefi

This role has evolved into its structure and function. My primary focus will be to utilise every resource available for maximum impact in conversion. Also, we are working on various resource database lists in parallel.

Grant Capacity

I will be able to dedicate more time ~35 hours per week minimum. Since we have numerous lists of building and attending projects needs are expected to grow (considering room for new chains deployment).

Funding Request

I would request monthly compensation over a six-month grant period with the provision of an extension.

Compensation split between COW and xDAI:

  • 1100 xDAI

  • 6900 COW

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant)


Other Information


It started with Kubesqrt, coordination by MasterCoW and guidance from Middleway.

Terms and conditions

I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.


From the list of notable projects in which you have had a productive call, how many have agreed to integrate Cow Protocol? Or put another way, what is the conversion percentage?

Thank you for your question, our approach to integration involves several stages, including research and identification of potential prospects, initial contact to gauge interest, and a collaborative pitch process that involves finding a mutually beneficial implementation strategy.

While our focus is typically on Swap Integration, Treasury Trades, and Solver Pools, we are also open to custom solutions that meet the needs of both parties. In the event that we are unable to reach a protocol-level integration, we propose alternative joint marketing campaigns.

It is a group effort where I am currently responsible for coordinating with prospects and passing along the relevant information to our BD leads, who handle the calls. As for conversion, we have successfully integrated Cow Protocol with DeFillama, Index Coop, and Idle for Treasury trades, and Mellow has implemented a custom solution. The status of our discussions with the remaining highlighted projects is ongoing, except Rook and Kyber.


I’m in support of funding this proposal.
@zenith has been helpful with BD research, identifying potential projects for collaborations, reaching out and facilitating direct contact with relevant teams.
Looking forward to see him further contributing to CoW DAO growth


Thank you @middleway.eth, your guidance and mentorship cut my learning curve significantly.

I am moving this application to our snapshot.

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Given the positive feedback from Middleway on Zenith past work and given the reasonable funding asked I’m in favour of this Grant continuation and I just voted accordingly on Snapshot.


Funding for this grant has commenced with the first payment being made here: Gnosis Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | GnosisScan