Proposal - CowDAO to decide the business model of CowSwap growth

Proposal - let the community to decide the CowSwap business model strategy and tokenomics to secure long term value of COW token and healthy growth for CowSwap to become profitable.

This post is my personal opinions and ideas after I read the great post by @fleupold “Long Term CoW Value Capture” and the good replies in the thread.

Intro of me
Only a few months ago I got aware of Cow Protocol and CowSwap, however I did immediately see the great potential for this DEX aggregator. I am not a programmer, however working in a blockchain development company I do have a great understanding of crypto business models and strategic biz development, so I have been diving into the Cow Protocol docs to understand how it runs – and at the same time, I have also been an active user of the CowSwap. That is my high level background for this post.

As the Business model is the core operation of a company, where the value propositions of CowSwap and value of COW Token must come into play. To chose they best business model and tokenomics are important decisions to be made for the future of the protocol, it will be an opportunity to have the DAO to decide/co-decide the approach and strategy to grow CowSwap.

The benefits for having a transparent and community involvement in the decisions on how to reach the common goal to become profitable with CowSwap, is that we will all be on the same page and understand the strategy for how to growth the protocol for the next 6-24 months - both on short term and in the longer term. With the agreement of a business model, the Cow Protocol team and the community members all know the future work to be done and we all can focus on growth the protocol together as per strategy. Together we are stronger.

I suggest the Cow Protocol team come up with suggestions for few different business models on how they plan to growth the protocol and become profitable but also how to reward the COW token holders. For each business model suggestion should include the strategic biz development plan and estimated forecasts – also the tokenomics and how to reward the COW token holders.
Then share these business models with the DAO and potentially have a voting on which to pursue.

I am curious to hear your thought about this idea.


I think this is a great idea.

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I am open to contribute with governance and growth as well.

Cowswap deserve much more recognition and user growth tractions than what we are seeing right now.