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I like to refer to myself as ‘Just a Degen in Space’. I have been in blockchain for about 10 years. I have worked with play2earn games, NFT projects, DAOs, and other web3 projects. I am working for a DEX,, we are the largest DEX on moonbeam (the first main-net para-chain of polkadot). I also work BD for Simplex and soon Banxa. I work BD for as well as out reach for Phaver, and run a consultant/advisor company “0xDegens” which helps projects onboard in Dubai and help with whitepapers, pitchdecks, teaching projects how to pitch, introduction to VC’s and VC DAO’s. I work with social media and article writing and publishing. I help with any aspect a project may need or with direct hand-off to a solution if I cannot provide it. I love creating social education around blockchain and work to onboard as many people as I can into web3. You can usually find me at almost any conference around the world as I am easily spottable wearing all of my badges and wrist bands (yes I do take them off) as sort of my own version of Proof of Work/History/Attendance/Degen or resume.

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Hi all, introducing myself. I’m Max Holloway and I run the cryptoeconomic consulting firm Xenophon Labs. :wave:


Im josh im a self taught individual in the crypto space ive created over 400 uniswap v3 v2 nfts

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