Digital Marketing What Is It And What Is It For

In general portuguese companies still do not invest much in digital marketing. However, national brands that do so say they are satisfied, not least because, since digital is still a cheap universe, the return is almost always satisfactory, if there is a good strategy. But the objectives are the same: promoting and selling products , gaining new customers or improving the relationship network, in a relevant, personalized and efficient way. Therefore, digital marketing depends on the same principles as marketing, that is, knowledge of the target audience, the brand strategy, the company’s strategic planning and the organizational culture where it will be implemented.

And because it is still marketing (it includes strategic , economic and operational actions), the digital variant also intends to obtain the same efficiency and effectiveness as traditional marketing and, at the same time, boost the effects of the traditional communication strategy. Another relevant aspect is the Phone Number List fact that traditional marketing is usually intrusive, as opposed to digital marketing , which, in a less inopportune way, reaches strong opinion-forming and multiplier layers, offering what no other model offers: immediate interactivity, enhancing the effect of the advertising message. On the other hand, and because it is a strategy with an absolute and relative cost that is still very low, it offers a high rate of return on investment.

An adequate online marketing project significantly reduces the costs of the brand or company’s communication plan and increases agility in relation to suppliers, enabling more competitive prices. Digital marketing also allows consumers easy access to complete information about products and/or services. That’s why building consumer loyalty through various specific and personalized digital marketing actions (for example, informing, educating and raising customer awareness as opposed to pure and hard advertising) allows a brand to always be present in people’s minds as a reference in the sector in which it operates. Let’s say that through well-planned and well-positioned campaigns (using content marketing ).