Balancer vulnerability report and actions taken

Following up on the early alert received on Balancer’s critical vulnerability, we’d like to share a detail of the actions we carried out during the War Room session we held to de-risk all CoW positions. No funds were lost as a result of the vulnerability.

We withdrew the funds from the pools at risk and were in constant communication with the Balancer and Aura teams to ensure the proper steps were being taken.

Actions taken:

  • Unstaked from Aura
  • Withdrew from affected pools in Balancer
  • Withdrew from linear pools in Balancer
  • Unwrapped compounding tokens from lending protocols (Aave and Agave)
  • Withdrew from lending protocols (Aave and Agave)

Here’s a detail of the pools and their values:




$ 0.6 million


$ 0.2 million

Next Steps

We’re in communication with the Balancer team to define how to redeploy funds.