CoW DAO Treasury Report for December 2023

We are excited to present our Monthly Report on the CoW DAO Treasury for December 2023!

December highlights

December was a dynamic month for the CoW DAO Treasury, marked by strategic operations to optimize our assets and support key initiatives. Here’s a summary of the month’s executed actions:

  • Claimed rewards on Balancer, Aura, Compound, and Curve, and swapped for sDAI.
  • Acquired exposure to stETH and rETH to diversify the ETH holdings.
  • Deposited funds on wstETH/WETH pool on Balancer and then staked on Aura on Gnosis Chain.
  • Swapped ETH for USDC and sent funds for MEV Blocker to Nomev, following CIP-32.


The treasury operations generated approximately $27K in DeFi results for December. The strategy was focused on preserving capital by diversifying the holdings and capturing the attractive opportunities appearing on the Gnosis Chain.

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