Treasury overview of CoW DAO

As per CIP-19, Karpatkey is in charge of creating, training, supporting, and auditing a Core Treasury Team within CoW DAO that would work jointly with them to develop CoW DAO’s treasury, allowing CoW Protocol to efficiently provide its own liquidity, fund its operations, development, and evolution while optimising yield for idle funds.

Karpatkey helps decentralised organisations to preserve capital through state-of-the-art risk management and trust-minimised DeFi treasury execution. The current DAO list for which Karpatkey performs Treasury Management Operations is:

  • Gnosis DAO
  • Balancer
  • ENS
  • CoW Protocol

When managing the CoW DAO Treasury, KarpatkeyDAO’s goals are the following:

  • Design and implement an efficient and robust treasury management system
  • Identify the best economic opportunities for the treasury tokens
  • Facilitate COW liquidity

In this category you will be able to read about all the activities surrounding Karpatkey’s management of the CoW DAO Treasury, like their monthly treasury reports.