Proposal to provide incentive to limit order

As you can see, more limit order means more chance to match the order within CoW and save $.
If we assign e.g. 10% of a particular pairs (eg, eth/usdc) transaction fee CoW collected to the limit order provided during the 1 hour frame to be shared by all limit order providers pro ratio according to their volume. another 10% of all transactions fee for the pairs for the day for limit orders provided for the day simiarly. Even if the limit order was not filled, the liquidity provider could share the incentive in the pool.
It would attract more limit orders coming to provide liquidity. In turn, in means better price for user.
We can also add like 5%of the 10% (0.5%) increase on the 10% incentive for people holding more than 1000 cow token which will also improves the demand for cow token and 10% for 10000 cow token holder similarly, and 20% for 10K, 40 for 100K holders.