Privacy Preserving CoW Swap Trader Leaderboard - Based on Sismo Badges

Grant Title:

Privacy Preserving CoW Swap Trader Leaderboard - Based on Sismo Badges



About You:

Software developer with six years of experience.
I have worked throughout the software lifecycle as a software engineer, software systems architect delivering major software systems. My primary professional interests
software architecture, continuous integration and delivery, software development
methodologies and test automation.

some of my recent roles:

Software developer (Big airline company) : key player in delivering real impact in digitizing the travel experience of numerous clients. I am delivering process improvements and solutions for our product Teams and take part in our collaborative effort to develop the next era of digitally enhanced traveling.

software developer GSG - built GSG loyalty program for a browser voucher extensions.

Tech Stack:
Backend: Python, NodeJS, Java

Frontend: Vue JS\Angular\ReactJS

Infra: Terraform, helm. certify AWS solution architect. Azure

I enjoy technology and I’m a frequent poster on Medium, where I share my insights with the community. Always had great interest in blockchain technology, in recent years created few side projects as trading bots and mining machines.

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CoWmunity growth

Grant Description:

Today, CoW Swap is lacking the tools to engage with one of its highly important participants - its traders and users. It is clear though, that heavy users of the CoW Protocol and CoW Swap are valuable and should get recognition, and potentially even better discount tiers, special voting rights etc.

But, there are significant privacy concerns with this concept. Users would usually prefer to not attach their identity and their address, let alone associating many different addresses they own. This is where Sismo badges come into the picture.

Users will be able to collect and aggregate their trading volume from multiple accounts they own and generate a ZK cryptographic “Proof of Volume”. Then they can mint a badge to a new unassociated account, that proves their aggregate trading activity.

This badge will allow them to list on the “CoW Trader Leaderboard” and show off without revealing their actual wallets.
This badge could also be used in a dedicated snapshot space: “CoW Trader Union”, which could have some influence on the CoW DAO and Protocol.

Grant Goals and impact:

The main goal of this grant is creating a trusted verifiable and privacy preserving venue for CoW traders to showcase their contribution to the protocol trading volume.

In turn this could be the platform for better communication and coordination between CoW Protocol and its verified traders.

Milestones 1:

This milestone is a PoC that demonstrates the viability of the idea. This is the only milestone that is included in the funding request.

When delivered, CoW traders will be able to go to the Sismo playground and mint thier own privacy preserving badge that indicates their contribution to CoW Swap’s trading volume.


  • Proposing a list of tokens that will be considered as eligible for the trading volume badge. This should take into account the reliability of the $ price feeds for those tokens
  • Based on that, creating a snapshot of CoW Traders and their respective all time volume
  • Proposing volume tiers for the badges based on the trader volume snapshot
  • Designer from the CoW team will provide the badge artwork based on the proposed tiers and CoW design guidlines
  • A CoW trader badge will be created on the Sismo playground, allowing users to create badges based on volume from a single account
  • Estimated time to complete this milestone is two weeks (barring external dependencies like artwork design)

Possible future milestones:

  • Create a PoC website that shows a simple leaderboard list based on the badges
  • Allow users to connect their wallet and sign a message that will be displayed as their grafiti
  • When Sismo enables proofs for aggregated accounts, incorporate that into the CoW trader badge
  • Create additional rules for custom badges, for example:
    • the loyal trader, only eligible if your address traded x days/weeks in a row
    • the migrated trader, only eligible if you traded x volume on other dexs and later traded at least x on cowswap
  • Add a special indication on the leader board for users that have additional special badges
  • Create a discord gated channel exclusive for top traders
  • Create a snapshot page that allows traders to vote

Funding Request:

Funding request summery: 2.5k xDAI (500 payed upfront, 2k payed upon completion)

This applies only to Milestone 1.

Upon completion, future milestones can be specified and negotiated.

Budget Breakdown:

Development: 2500 xDAI

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):


Proposal was developed in collaboration with middleway.eth

Terms and conditions:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.


I like the premise of this grant. From memory, CowDAO is planning to use Otterspace badges, so perhaps this can be created using that platform. Thoughts @middleway.eth?

Yes, I am working on Otterspace community badges
But those are not based on zk proofs and are not privacy preserving.
So for a use case like trader leaderboard, I think Sismo badges are a better fit


Sismo here,

We think that it is a great proposal and we would definitely provide all the support required to make this happen in the most sensible way!


First milestone of this grant is approved and initial payment was made

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@alon.cow this is great.

Just for clarification, when is it estimated to have a “prod” version ready? I am asking cause we will need to prepare the designs for that day. We do not want the designs to be a blocker for this, and in the meantime for other testing purposes we can reuse old designs.

But in order to get things going, could you clarify some information for us:

  • How many badges will we have?
  • What will the badges represent?
  • What are the specs we need for the badges? (i.e. size, resolution, file type)
  • When do you expect you will need the first test design?

Looking forward for privacy preserving badges!!

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Hi @Master_CoW , thx for the help, and great questions!

  • when is it estimated to have a “prod” version ready?
    from my side, I aim to upload the groups before the Xsms break
  • How many badges will we have?
    I believe me and @middleway.eth talked about 5
  • What will the badges represent?
    The idea is to separate users by their trade Volumes but again is this is very business related @middleway.eth , can you elaborate?
  • What are the specs we need for the badges? (i.e. size, resolution, file type)
    file type: svg
    resolution : Unlike raster files, which are made up of pixels, vector graphics like SVGs always maintain their resolution
    size: would less then 200kib be ok for you?
  • When do you expect you will need the first test design?

I was looking at the 2022 total volume per trader
There are a bit under 50k traders in 2022
My proposal is:

  1. Top 100 trader
  2. Top 1000 trader (101-1000)
  3. Top 5000 trader (1001-5000)
  4. Top 15000 trader (5001-15000)
  5. Consolation, CoW tadooor (rest)

OFC cool names for the groups are welcome

My suggestion for naming is to keep it generic and then conduct a competition for suggesting the best names where badge holders will finally vote for the name. (and maybe even the final avatar?)
If we go with this, then I propose those as the generic pre-competition naming:

  1. Top 100 trader
  2. Top 1000 trader
  3. Top 5000 trader
  4. Top 15000 trader
  5. Consolation - CoW tadooor

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Top 100 trader - Cowpitalist
  2. Top 1000 trader - Bovine Broker
  3. Top 5000 trader - Cash Cow
  4. Top 15000 trader - Dairy Dealer
  5. Consolation - Haystack Hero

HI all

I have finish all “technical” tasks and now waiting from some marketing information from “COW” side. once I would have the information,I would be able in short time to open a pr to SISMO. the project at current local environment works with real users data.

I tired to document nicely(hopefully) all the missing data here. please have a look and feel free to open a pr with your changes\ just post here.

@Master_CoW for creating badges sismo has a guide line and online editor

Let me know if you need any help.


Hey @alan.cow,

Find [here] a link to the designs for the sismo badges from marketing. The plan is to go live with these designs to then have a contest/vote for the badger holders to select the final design and name. Let me know if you need anything else from our side.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry, this Drive has the wrong files, will remove it

Hi @Master_CoW any updates from your side?

Aiming to get this to you by EOD


My suggestions:

  1. Top 100 trader - Whole Milk
  2. Top 1000 trader - 2% Milk
  3. Top 5000 trader - Skim Milk
  4. Top 15000 trader - Oat Milk
  5. Consolation - Yogurt
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Hi @alon.cow here is everything as promised, I made a PR to your code repository: Updating Info by avsavsavs · Pull Request #1 · ca8888/cow-zk · GitHub

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@netrunner.eth @middleway.eth @Master_CoW
Hi Folks, The PR to sismo was approved and merged.
The badges are now working and anyone can mint according to the group he belongs 2.

sismo link: Sismo - Mint your badges

As the job is done, would be very grateful if you can transfer the rest funds.


Awesome work!
I have minted mine

I recommend the Grants committee members to try minting their badge and provide feedback.
I will propose payment in the coming days

Minted mine! It was a smooth experience and looks awesome. Well done!