How CowDAO snapshot space works

There are few different roles that are important to understand:

ENS name controller
Every snapshot space is tied to an ENS name, in our case cow.eth
The name controller can decide on a single snapshot space “super admin” by adding their address to the “snapshot” text record. In cow.eth this is currently set to the CowDAO main safe

Super admin
The super admin is able to control all of the space’ parameters including adding authors, admins, changing strategies etc.

Regular admins
Regular admins (currently five core team members) can do all of what the super admin can do except adding and removing admins.

Authors cannot change any of the space parameters but they are able to add and delete proposals.

(there are other possible schemes where anyone with a minimum COW balance can add proposals but only authors can delete proposals, which CowDAO can consider)

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Who is the Super Admin and Regular Admins?

There is only one super admin that is defined in the cow.eth ENS text records (to be CoW DAO).

Regular admins are assigned by the super admin. They cannot add or remove other admins but, can control all other aspects of the snapshot space.