Grant Application: ZeroMEV API

Grant Application: ZeroMEV API

Grant Title:

ZeroMEV Data API


Pmcgoohan (

About You:

I have a 20 year career in developing automated trading systems. I have been involved in Ethereum since before the pre-sale, hoping it would address the failings I saw in traditional finance. My motivation is to engage with the community to achieve this end.

I identified that frontrunning would be a problem for Ethereum in 2014 and begun estimating real world harms with my EthInclude project (a prototype of Zeromev) which supplied data for my MEV WTF Devcon talk around this time.

I’ve been published on Coindesk and I’m a frequent poster on, where I warned that PBS would lead to builder centralization issues a year before MEV-Boost was released. I founded and developed on an Ethereum Foundation grant in 2021.

Additional Links:

Miners frontrunning post (2014) (
Estimate frontrunning estimator (
Builder centralization warning (
Coindesk article (
Founded/developed (

EthGlobal (
YouTube (
Twitter (

Grant Category:

CoWmunity growth

Grant Description:

  • Generate transaction granularity MEV summary data sourced from
  • Data published via a documented public API at /
  • Also unrestricted direct database access to this data for CoW Swap / Zeromev and their partners
  • Minimum provisioning / maintenance period of 12 months

Grant Goals and impact:

Accessibility of data related to MEV on Ethereum is still relatively limited.

It is in the best interest of both and CoW Swap to make granular MEV data available to the public through a free API. This will help to increase transparency and awareness around the problematic nature of MEV and promote sustainable solutions.

Some potential ideas for use cases to build on top of the proposed API:

  • A chart that compares the value extracted from users split by the DEX protocol they were using
  • A chart that compares the amount of MEV incidents for every MEV type split by DEX protocol
  • An educational snippet on CoW Swap revealing more information about MEV incidents uses had when interacting with various DeFi protocols


The following MEV data will be summarized for each relevant transaction:

Field Description
BlockNumber Ethereum block number
TxIndex Index of transaction in block
MEVType Frontrun, Backrun, Sandwiched, Swaps, Arb, etc
Protocol Uniswap, Bancor, Opensea, etc
UserLossUsd Loss to user from the MEV
ExtractorProfitUsd Profit to the extractor from the MEV
VolumeUsd Swap volume (where applicable)
Imbalance Sandwiched imbalance percentage
AddressFrom Transaction sender
AddressTo Transaction receiver
ArrivalTimeUS Time the transaction was first seen by our US node
ArrivalTimeEU Time the transaction was first seen by our European node
ArrivalTimeAS Time the transaction was first seen by our Asian node


  • Creation of a new postgres database to hold the MEV transaction summary data above
  • Data to be persisted on RAID drives across two servers / database instances (a write instance and replicating read instance)
  • Database to be populated with all available historical MEV transaction data
  • MEV transaction data updated in realtime as each new block is classified by Zeromev core
  • Authenticated access to the database restricted by IP for use by Cowswap / Zeromev / Dune / etc
  • Public access via a REST API at (rate limited)
  • Document the API and data fields alongside other zeromev documentation at
  • Service to be provisioned and maintained for a minimum of 12 months (approximately the remainder of the Zeromev contract with the Ethereum Foundation)
  • Development time is estimated to be 6 - 8 weeks

Funding Request:

Funding request summery: 30k xDAI (15k payed upfront, 15k payed upon completion)

Budget Breakdown:

Development $22400, Infrastructure / Maintenance $7600

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):



Proposal was developed in collaboration with middleway.eth

Terms and conditions:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions.


An excellent grant. This has my support.

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The first payment of the grant has been executed: link
@Pmcgoohan when you have updates about the progress, please post them here for everyone to follow :pray:

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Thank you so much for your your support! :grinning: I’m looking forward to getting this out and will keep the community updated on this thread