Grant Application: CoW swap Education and Use

How to DEX your DeFi
Education workshop with walk through of CoW swap and DEX use

Twitter: Player1Taco
LinkedIn: Player1Taco.eth
Entre: Player1Taco.eth
I just go by Taco for short.

About You:
I like to refer to myself as ‘Just a Degen in Space’. I have been in blockchain for about 10 years. I have worked with play2earn games, NFT projects, DAOs, and other web3 projects. I am working for a DEX,, we are the largest DEX on moonbeam (the first main-net para-chain of polkadot). I also work BD for Simplex and soon Banxa. I work BD for as well as out reach for Phaver, and run a consultant/advisor company “0xDegens” which helps projects onboard in Dubai and help with whitepapers, pitchdecks, teaching projects how to pitch, introduction to VC’s and VC DAO’s. I work with social media and article writing and publishing. I help with any aspect a project may need or with direct hand-off to a solution if I cannot provide it. I love creating social education around blockchain and work to onboard as many people as I can into web3. You can usually find me at almost any conference around the world as I am easily spottable wearing all of my badges and wrist bands (yes I do take them off) as sort of my own version of Proof of Work/History/Attendance/Degen or resume.

Additional Links:


Grant Category:
Education, Onboarding and Public use

Grant Description:
During the web3summit (11/30/22 and 12/1/22) I will be hosting 2 workshops on how to interact with DeFi; via swaps and DEX’s. To encourage participation giving those that come over one/both days I am suggesting 100 $MOO tokens (roughly $5usd) worth of xDAI (gnosis) to each participant to work with the swap. This will be tracked via a sign up sheet (with QR code to link to google sheet that can collect user info). Also before hand ‘how-to’ video(s) will be made that will be uploaded to all of my media outlets. As well as 100 $MOO (given as $MOO) tokens given to each person that was part of the initial workshop that then fills out the user experience form.

Grant Goals and impact:
Creating new how to use video(s)
Creating data collection form and material for POW and further reach out/user experience.
Introducing 50 people to using CoW swap
(Getting 50 people to play CoW runner and screen shot and submit with follow up form for prize?)
Getting 50 people to sign up for COW Protocol and DAO and any other POW socials.
Getting 50 follow ups of user experience and feedback

By 11/20/22
-Creating videos on how to use CoW Swap
By 11/21/22
-Creating google form for wallet and user data
On 11/30/22 and 12/1/22
-Hosting workshops showcasing CoW Swap (recorded)
On 12/11/22
-Sending follow up emails
By 12/20/22
-Create and submit experience form and follow up with any questions to CoW DAO

Grant Timeline:
12/20/22 for initial milestones. If there is any further follow up it will be completed in a timely fashion as set by the DAO.

Funding Request:
$1500 in total (max) broken down to $750 in xDAI and $750 in $MOO
If there are less participants then then funds that were set aside for them will be returned or can be earmarked simply for expanding user base in one-on-one training.
If anything more is wanted to be given for this then that is up to the DAO.

Budget Breakdown:
-$250 in xDAI (Gnosis) to give $5 to each participant (max 50) in the workshop
-$250 in $MOO (Gnosis) to give $5 to each participant (max 50) that follows up with user experience
If not full amount is used it will be returned to DAO
-(X amount to give to winner of CoW runner? maybe $100 in $MOO split to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
-$900 (9 hours of work at $100 an hour) $500 in xDAI $400 in $MOO

Gnosis Chain Address (to receive the grant):

My public wallet that I use for all work and services and public use.

Other Information:
Love spreading the word of web3 and helping people learn to control their own finances and lift the fear and mystery of how easy defi really is.

Nope, this is sort of a cold call just because I know of you.

Terms and conditions:
Include this line in your grant application:

By applying for this grant, I agree to be bound by the CowDAO Participation Agreement and the COWDAO Grant Terms and Conditions .


Hello everyone,

@Player1Taco.eth this proposal is awesome (and you too). You have my full support :fire:
I hope you will receive an approval very soon.
I wish you good luck with this project and I hope to see you soon somewhere around the world.


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A suggestion of break down of timeline for the grant request would be as so…

-By 11/17/22 have video created once linked first part, $400 xdai (gnosis) sent (work) (leaving $500 left)

-By 11/20 DAO lets me know what other tasks/CTA’s users should do

-By 11/26 first $250 xDai sent for users.

-By 11/28/22 $X amount for CoW runner is sent (if approved)

-On 11/30 inform DAO of how many participants, and payouts.

-On 11/30 post videos of workshop on social platforms

-On 11/30 $200 in $MOO sent for work. (leaving $300 left)

-On 12/1 inform DAO of how many participants, and payouts.

-On 12/1 post videos of workshop on social platforms.

-On 12/1 at 5pm EST decide on winner of CoW runner and send winnings (if approved)

-On 12/2 send out UI/Overall experience email to those that attended (make form quick and easy for user) based on returns, (give 4 days?) request that amount from DAO (max $250 in $MOO)

-On 12/3/22 final payment of xDAI $100 is sent (for work) (leaving $200 left)

-On 12/6 payments for UI feedback is sent and feedback form is finalized with DAO.

-On 12/7 final payment of $200 worth of $MOO is sent after all check marks are met and DAO is satisfied with work completed.

(Please let me know if there is anything else you think might be needed in here)

As for my opinion of impact, it will create new users and showcase how easy swapping can be as well as showcase Gnosis chain. I am guessing out of the (max) 50 users, 10 will become active users. As we will be trading from xDAI to $MOO and maybe back again or depending on the user staying with $MOO it will start word of mouth as well as get talk about and promoted by the event its self. I hope that with this it will lift some of the fears of defi swapping and show others that pancakeswap is not the only user friend UI and that it can be as simple as 1, 2, moo… (joke) I wish to show that there is nothing to be afraid of as long as certain steps are taken to promote user safety.

Welcome @Player1Taco.eth, I have reviewed your proposal and support it in principal.

I also notice you refer to $MOO tokens, for clarity, are you referring to $COW tokens? If so, please amend your posts to that effect. Thanks


Hey @Player1Taco.eth welcome to CoW DAO’s forum and community

Thanks for outlining your grant proposal!
In principle I’m in favor of funding it.
Having said that I think we’d need to make sure you’re aligned about CoW Swap’s USPs and general marketing tone and guidelines.

I think @Master_CoW would be a good contact point for this.

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YES! I am sorry, I don’t know why I had it in my head as $MOO when it is $COW… (Don’t write a grant late at night)! But yes, where I put $MOO token I meant $COW. Will edit, thank you for seeing that.

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Where I have stated $MOO Token, it was meant as $COW Token

Please see amend.

I have sent @Master_CoW a DM to see if they have time to talk today! Thank you.

I got delayed in traveling and it took me longer to drive from colorado to nyc than expected. Video is being uploaded now and I am meeting with @Master_CoW tomorrow morning to finalize branding and video description. As well as anything else needed.

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I have uploaded it to 6 of my socials. It will also get uploaded to 6 more different social media channels.

Player1Taco.eth/.sol/.lens/.elrond (In #Vegas) shared a post on Instagram: "Using @CoWSwap to show how easy it can be to use both the #ethereum #blockchain as well as the #gnosis chain. We will be working to teach more people about DEXing and #swap...

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Hello, I would love to follow up and learn if we are moving forward. Both with this grant and with moving forward as creating video content in the future like I had talked with @Master_CoW about.

The Grants committee are discussing this proposal. We will update you once we’ve formed consensus

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Hey @Player1Taco.eth,

After some deliberation from the grants committee, we have decided to not move forward with the grant. We really appreciate the effort put into the video, but the marketing strategy is not aligned for this type of videos at the moment. In regards to the workshop, it also hard for the committee to judge how that will go, as we have not prepared anything for you to cover, or thought about the best way to give those type of workshops from the educational point of view.

Thank you for your effort and time put into this!


Hi @Player1Taco.eth, thanks for your grant application.

I’m unsure of how this grant will demonstrate clear and on-going value for CowDAO. While education is extremely important, as is UX feedback, I don’t see how this adds to existing educational material and/or UX feedback mechanisms.


Hey there, thank you for the response! What type of videos are the committee looking for? I do work with a video editor to make cleaner videos that look like this

Would like to know @Master_CoW if you would like me to make a new grant proposal to make regular content based off both articles that @Kubesqrt make as well as regular how to videos. I did end up speaking about CoWswap anyways during my panel talks.

I feel like your first video was a bit rushed and thus not in line with what CoW Grants is looking to fund.
My question would be how we can make sure the next one is produced with satisfying quality?

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I will agree that I rushed that video. The other side is that even my slower videos I do not really do any editing on my videos because I want it to look like exactly like the user will see it. Even the errors so they know how to back out of it. I started making videos in 2018 because I was tired of seeing cartoons that took 20 minutes to explain nothing. The first video I made that hit had over 7 million views as it was a simple how to add BNB/BSC to your metamask on your phone done in 3 minutes. The videos I have done since then have all been made and handed over to the projects to edit. I can make different video styles but the best thing about cowswap is how is it is. the videos should show that.