CoW DAO Treasury Report for July 2023

We’re delighted to present the New Monthly Report on the CoW DAO Treasury for July 2023! This report provides an in-depth look at the treasury’s performance, underscoring our dedication to transparency and signalling progress towards greater automation. A notable enhancement is the clear differentiation between farming and non-farming results:

  • Farming Results: these encompass outcomes from deployed strategies and positions, including fees from LPs, rewards from various stakings, and rebasing of assets.
  • Non-Farming Results: these cover outcomes from market conditions and activities outside of treasury management, such as price variation and external cash flows.

The focus for July was on the development of CIP-28 and the $GNO staking on StakeWise, which allowed us to increase capital utilisation to nearly 100% and maximise returns. In line with the Treasury Updates post, we carried out key activities and replaced one of the two owner wallets representing karpatkey in the CoW DAO Treasury Safe with a 1/4 multisig Safe, enhancing our flexibility.

We reaffirm our commitment to the CoW DAO and look forward to another month of development and engagement. Your thoughts and questions are always appreciated.


Very detailed report! And the design looks so good. :handshake: