Request for Proposals

The following is a non-exhaustive list of potential projects that the CoW Grants Program might have an interest in funding.

  1. Trading-related applications

  2. Trading view UI for Degen CoWs → Think advanced trading type views from places like, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, etc.

  3. Limit order interface → Develop a custom limit order mechanism that works with CoW Protocol

  4. DCA order interface → Build an interface that allows a user to submit orders in batches to be executed in various time horizons

  5. Cross chain trading → Achieve cross chain order books & CoWs

  6. Wait for CoW → Develop a feature that allows users to signal the fact that they would rather wait for a CoW, instead of executing at the first possible moment

  7. Analytics

  8. Dashboard about DEX activity on other networks (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC, etc.)

  9. Protocol level analytics

1. Dashboard to display CoWs (Coincidences of Wants)
2. Governance Analytics
  1. Tooling

  2. Language specific clients to ease the development of other tools such as interfaces

  3. Solvers

  4. Develop a Solver specialized in weighted pools

  5. Develop a Solver specialized in finding CoWs

  6. Develop a Solver specialized in tapping into private liquidity

  7. Integrations

  8. Build/achieve an integration from a major DeFi platform to route orders into CoW Protocol

  9. Education

  10. How-to guides (written or video). For example:

1. How to swap tokens
2. How CoW Protocol works
3. How to build a solver
4. How Solvers work
5. Using vault relayers
6. Understanding the CoW Protocol API
  1. International language documentation, e.g. French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

  2. Content creation → Articles, papers, etc. that focus on the technicalities of CoW Protocol

  3. Design

  4. Create Graphics (Art) Material for the CoWmunity: → Memes, CoW worlds, POAPs, images, explainer GIFs, etc.

  5. CoW POAP/NFT creative use cases → We want to have the most awesome POAPs & NFTs across town. We are looking for creators to improve our design, style, distribution methods, and ways to display POAPs

I can be hired to help with the education, how-to guides and videos!