Request for Proposals

  1. Trading Related Applications
  • Trading view UI for Degen CoWs → Think advanced trading type views from places like, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, etc.
  • Limit order interface → Develop a custom limit order mechanism that works with CoW Protocol
  • DCA order interface → Build an interface that allows a user to submit orders in batches to be executed in a time period of x
  • Cross chain trading → Achieve cross chain order books & CoWs
  • Wait for CoW → Develop a feature that allows users to signal the fact that they would rather wait for a CoW, instead of executing at the first possible moment
  1. Analytics
  • Dashboard about DEX activity on other networks (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC, etc.)

  • Protocol level analytics

    1. Dashboard to display CoWs (Coincidences of Wants)
    2. Governance Analytics
  1. Tooling
  2. Solvers
  • Develop a Solver specialized in weighted pools
  • Develop a Solver specialized in finding CoWs
  • Develop a Solver specialized in tapping into Private Liquidity
  1. Integrations
  • Build/achieve an integration from a major DeFi platform to route orders into CoW Protocol
  1. Education
  • How-to guides (written or video)

  • 1. Swap tokens
  • 2. Overall protocol mechanism
  • 3. Solvers
  • 4. Vault relayer
  • 5. API
  • International language documentation – e.g. French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

  • Content creators → Create specific articles,papers, etc. that focus on the technicalities of CoW Protocol

  1. Design
  • Create Graphics (Art) Material for the CoWmunity → Memes, cow worlds, poaps, images
  • CoW POAP/NFT creative use cases → We want to have the most awesome POAPs & NFTs across town. We are looking for creators to improve our design, style, distribution methods, and ways to display