Raven: Claim 2nd place in "Bounty program for Balancer + CoW Swap integration"

Hello, I’m the dev behind the Raven solver. I’m posting this topic to claim the 2nd prize in the Balancer + CoW Swap integration bounty program.

The following query certifies that we hit the 10 swaps milestone second:

We would like the 2k USDC to be paid to the configured Raven rewards address.


As a background for this post, adding here the previous discussion about this topic

@copiumnicus the CoW grants program lives on Gnosis Chain and holds xDAI in its treasury.
Would you be able to provide an address on Gnosis Chain that you would like to receive 2000 xDAI?

I think the following address should be good:
which can be proven to be one of our owners in our configured rewards address, by reading the getOwners function:

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