Grants Committee Members

The grants committee will have a distribution of 7 community members, making a total of 7 committee members. Safe #2 (from the schematic image above) gno:0xCA1F000D520c21C47E6c634DD31b92b91A6338bD will function as the Grants committee Safe and has 7 signers with a signing threshold of 5 out of 7. The specified committee members:

  • @netrunner.eth - 0xc95Fda8A94437c1B936169b62858F13aE0386307

  • @Kubesqrt - 0x386b4ba873a4f423ca28a4df1b2347ca949ced0e

  • @Chim9 - 0xF44217A8b6b3f258BFFEaD635c226528aa516aea

  • @mfw78 - 0x0F641723997145715d23c0129b96041011d26666

  • @middleway.eth - 0xa11da8b2d9a7883eb636d7de426025e5fd9fda1a

  • @Master_CoW - 0x76ba9825a5f707f133124e4608f1f2dd1ef4006a

  • @fairlight - 0xCA55E77Ec514B5BD05B3b2B56f106Ba2Fe593A9f

All committee members have provided a brief description of their background on the CIP forum discussion. The committee can be reached on the forum, the Discord channel or through

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