Application Process Overview

The CoW Grants Program wil follow this process:

  1. Initial public application on the forum

The application needs to be made using the formal application template (to be found on and by following the instructions in section ‘How to apply’ (page 4).

  1. Application to be chosen for review

The committee will choose up to three grants to be reviewed every month. The committee is not obligated to move a specific proposal to the review stage and will do so based on its sole discretion. An applicant can always decide to post their application as a formal DAO proposal.

The application process works as follows:

  1. Anyone can submit an application to the CoW Grants DAO. They just need to use the application template to fill in their application details and wait for the Grants Committee to reach out.

  2. The grants committee will review the application and comment on the proposal, which could lead to one of the following possible outcomes:

  • The committee finds the application successful and approves the grant
  • The committee denies the grant, and that is the end of the process
  • The committee meets with the grant applicant and reworks together the application to make sure it aligns correctly with CGP goals. Once changed, the application can be reconsidered*

*The committee will show its preference towards the grant in a public forum poll where all committee members are required to vote before moving the grant to the next stage.

  1. If the committee feedback is positive, the Grants Committee will structure the grant.
  • For structuring the grant, the committee will outline a series of milestones to be achieved to obtain the full funding
  • If the milestones are achieved, the grantee will be compensated for reaching that milestone and will move on to the next milestone if its the case
  • If the milestones are not achieved, the Grants Committee reserves the right to stop funding the grantee until completion of the milestones, or decide to officially close the grant